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Sacred Chocolate’s Truth Truffle Competition


1) Kathryn

Wins The Nine Piece Seasonal Collection which is the perfect gift for the one you love; a partner, friend, family member or someone who needs a special gift. This delightful package contains a seasonal selection of the our 20 gram truffles beautifully packaged ready to share and may contain the following: Cheeky Monkey, Ajaya, Sacred Fire, Tangerina, Lavendar Blue, Ixacao, Artic Chi, Purple Rose, Yellow Tara and Jubliee.

Greetings! I am submitting a collage work enclosed as file below together with a short video clip at 

This has been a very enjoyable and fun activity. :) Wishing you and ALL Happy Halloweens!

Best, Kathryn (林秀倇)


2) Lisa Lefemine

Wins: "The Love Collection" which contains six unique truffles: Ajaya, Arctic Chi, Purple Rose, Cheeky Monkey, Ixcacao, and Sacred Fire. These beautiful collections are an exquisite gift for family and friends and will inspire, uplift and tantalize.

Hello! My peace, Chocolate Informs the Soul, drawn under the influence of Sacred Chocolate! My love and best wishes, Lisa

3rd Place

3) Deborah Zafman

Wins: The Jubilation Collection & the Mayan Collection, delicious two piece collections.

What I love about chocolate

The cacao god is a frisky rascal who was sent to planet earth to provide the perfect panacea to heal humanity. Chocolate dilates our hearts and minds and makes us more loving and playful, offering us endless experiences of sublime synchronicities. Chocolate is the divine dilator, opening us up in order to give us access to the highest states of conceivable consciousness (no wonder the Mayans grasped with clarity the cosmic Intelligence).

Cacao is the most sacred substance in our solar system and perhaps beyond. The cacao bean contains within it, cosmic Intelligence of the highest order. Chocolate is the “fruit of the gods” (theobroma) therefore a divine fruit whose seeds (the cacao beans) contain within them, the wisdom of pure, unconditional love. Chocolate is intimately connected to our sun/star for it embodies warmth and brightness, which is why eating chocolate makes us shine with love’s light; it makes our minds more lucid and our hearts sweeter. Chocolate is universally adored and therefore can be seen as a groovy glue that connects us all through the shared jubilatory pleasures it generously offers our body, mind and soul.

I willfully worship chocolate as a delicious and divine entity that unites the sensual with the sacred. Eating raw chocolate cultivates our humanity, making us into better, more beautifully bouyant human beans.

Honorable Mention ENTRIES

All these entries are fabulous... enjoy!

~Jennifer Ayers-Gould~

I love chocolate. I love the way it melts in my mouth and releases its symphony of flavor. I love the way it blankets me with a warm glow and mellows my spirit. I love to savor its goodness at the end of a busy day; my cares melting away as the chocolate becomes one with me. Chocolate is nourishing and healing; sustaining and enlightening. It is a precious gift bestowed upon us by the universe, requiring reverence, respect, and gratitude. There is something inherently divine about pure, raw cacao. It is mineral-rich, decadent, antioxidant-laden and aromatic. Stone-ground and combined with natural sweeteners and medicinal herbs, it becomes an ethereal elixir for the soul, creamy and complex. Any company can create chocolate candy with machines and chemicals, but there is only one chocolate which is created with pure intent and love. There is only one chocolate worthy of sanctification. There is only one chocolate that I extol and I feel truly blessed for having consumed: Sacred Chocolate. Thank you for your wonderful products and for sharing the gift of chocolate nirvana with the world. Namasté, 


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

with Reverence for our ancient roots

Cacao helps me to remember

Floating, Flying, Rising above.

I remember finally finding Home

in some mountains in the sky

Pacific Coast had called me close---

& there I was, with a mug full of home-brewed chocolate,

steeped with chili peppers;

I found myself fireside & safely snuggling

with my tribe, at last....

We sip ceremonially

Under a blanket of stars.

Cacao helps me to remember

that God's most potent medicine

easily makes its way to the tip of my tongue

& in Joy I celebrate the bittersweetness.

I let my roots dive deep To meet the core of the Earth;

& I am learning that Home

is not a distant place which I must keep seeking

Home is inside my Heart, inside my Soul---

Home is everywhere I go.

bliss & Blesssss +alana 


Arlen Rivas

Georgie Druce

do they have chocolate in heaven?
oh God i do hope so.
it is called the "food of the Gods"! isn't it.
so i guess that answers my question with a full stop!
thank God for that, i can feel the relief flood my body.

i cant imagine a world without chocolate,
raw gorgeous, amazing, awesome
chocolate. the magical smell, that just catches
your nose as it drifts into your aura, and as soon
as you catch it, you find your eyes dart around
as you search out the origin of that sensational
intoxicator. "where are you, you little lovebug"!
then that magical moment comes and no longer
is it in your imagination, you see it, your eyes
are fixed, its real. you get to hold the
chocolate, you get given the little bundle of joy and for the
first time you hold it in your hands and you take the first look close up shot!
the excitement rushes through you as you hold that chocolate
and you anticipate the very first taste.
your mouth reacts fast, the juices flood and your breath quickens!
then comes the magical moment of bliss on consumption,
heaven pure heaven, you have a moment
of ectasy as you feel the power of this little bean scream around your
body, delivering all it can to satisfy your craving and its the best, yes
the very very best, each time it gets even better, even
better. you have experience, you know what suits and you can just pick your perfect
parner just by observing, the choice is huge and the knowing is direct
and focused! a few seconds pass as you
feel a huge sigh of relief, you were right, it was the best and my God
it was so good, so good.
and then almost as quickly it all started its on again!
each little cell is screaming out for more of those intoxicating little cacao nutrients.
they love it, they totally love it! you are searching for another,
your eyes dart around as you madly secure another raw chocolate fix.
the drum beats within as you hold that little darling in
your hand and in it goes and another moment of bliss is enjoyed.
followed by the relief and that deep outpour of divine breath!

9) Felicity Telesnicki

Why do I love chocolate? aside from the amazing aroma, flavour, lovely blissful feelings and nourishment it provides - quite simply my favourite thing has got to be the cacao induced hilarity that ensues after eating chocolate.

My aunt is my partner in crime with this - she is a chocoholic, frequently found eating some type of chocolate. whenever I bring any cacao around her - she simply holds out her hand and exclaims "hit me!".

I must share the tale of the day we had been sharing some cacao beans, when she proceeded to tell me how she had applied to work at the Hershey factory. no more than five minutes later, the TV on in the other room announced the Wheel of Fortune puzzle as "WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY". ah, signs from the universe.

the attached photos show that a job at the Hershey factory would be very appropriate for her - as she is secretly an oompa loompa in disguise. that or Willy Wonka herself. the photo which reveals this was snapped on a whim with no intention towards what it became - taken on one of the many days we were joyfully under the influence of cacao - but clearly, it was meant to happen. just one fine example of the spirit of cacao. of course, there are many more...


10) Chaya-Ryvka Chocolate Speaks

Original Poem by Chaya-Ryvka Diehl

The voice of chocolate is subtle yet bold,
She sings in whispers of precision,
Amusing the senses, and awakening the slumbering heart.
With humble steps and a sensitive spirit,
May we be so privileged,
May we be permitted,
Let us lift the veil to her ancient language,
So complex and simply beautiful
Healer, teacher, guide, friend,
Come Dance, Come Play,
Thank you for entertaining our creative ways
For stretching, molding, swirling and folding,
For humbly receiving and boldly teaching,
You awaken the ritual of taste & provide a medium for connection-contemplation-compassion.
You are an offering of Love Conveyed through Flavor, Alchemy, and Mystical Passion. 

This poem came to me while I was immersed in chocolate confection making. I have always loved chocolate – but through working directly with it in its raw form and manipulating it to become sweet and silky edible love notes I became truly attuned to and aware of its living spirit and soul. The respect I gained while learning how to temper became even more manifold as I realized that it is not us that manipulate the cacao, but the spirit of the cacao that guides us – if we listen. It is medicine that calls the medicine out of the maker and feeds the spirit of those who indulge.

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