Sacred Chocolate - Very Special Raw Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® is a very special artisan raw chocolate.  It takes many days to make our chocolate.  We start from the whole bean and slowly stone grind it, husk and all, at low temperature.  Grinding the husk takes extra time and keeping the chocolate at a low "raw" temperature (below 115 degrees Fahrenheit) also takes extra time.  Besides the husk of the bean, which we believe has amazing nutritional properties, in many of our chocolates we include exotic whole herbs which also must be ground right into the chocolate.  This special process takes several days to accomplish in order to get Sacred Chocolate® as smooth as silk!  Bringing particle size down to the micron level ensures MAXIMUM nutrient absorption by the body.  We REALLY believe in STONE GRINDING because during the process, microscopic particles of the granite stone are absorbed by the chocolate which enhances both its flavor and nutrition.  Most modern machines use steel to grind cacao beans resulting in having to use high powered magnets to extract the tiny steel particles that end up in the chocolate during the grinding process.
All of this takes place in a custom built, carbon-neutral and eco-friendly chocolate factory.  Why do we do this you may ask?  Well, it is because we are absolutely fanatical about bringing you the VERY BEST chocolate we possibly can from three perspectives:  1) Flavor, 2) Nutrition, and 3) Consciousness.  Now, you may ask, what is this about "Consciousness?"  What we mean by that is this:  We are creating a product for you that has everything to do with consciousness from our own intentions and love that we put into the chocolate to make it wonderful for you, to the fact that Sacred Chocolate® is certified "to the hilt", to the fact that we do everything in our power to recycle and minimally impact the eco-system.  Basically, it amounts to always doing the right thing at every turn and never cutting corners out of convenience or just for the sake of profit.  This includes supporting the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, whose intent it is to plant 18 billion fruit trees on mother earth.  We hope by doing all the things that we do, including even praying over the chocolate, that we actually raise the "vibration" of the chocolate to the point that you can actually feel it!  It is our mission to create a chocolate so refined and full of manna that it is a sacrament to those who partake of it.  Our goal is to offer you the philosopher's stone in the form of chocolate, Sacred Chocolate®!

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Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010 10:40:00 PM
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Sacred Chocolate® is the future of chocolate. Our goal is to create the greatest chocolate bar and chocolate products in the world. We are the first chocolate manufacturer in human history to create a raw (low-temperature processed), organic, chocolate bar.