Introduction to Ormus Gold


By Steve Adler & Michelle Woods

A word from David Wolfe:

In 1996 I met Steve Adler at a raw-food potluck. Our very first conversation was about David Hudson's discovery of the Ormus minerals. Steve inspired me that day to dive back into the study of Hudson's audio lectures. I am sure that my study of Hudson's discoveries have never abated since that moment. Thus began, not only a lasting meaningful friendship with Steve Adler, but also due to Hudson's discoveries, an opening began within me about the mistaken assumptions of mainstream analytical science and nutrition.

Hudson's discovery of the Ormus minerals and the subsequent theories developed about the Ormus minerals by the "Ormus research community" are profound and they include the following insights:

1. The Periodic Table of the Elements is incomplete. More minerals exist in Nature than we have accounted for. In fact, Hudson showed that aluminum, carbon, silicon, iron, and calcium are not always these minerals and that there our mistakes in analytic mineralogy.

2. The Ormus minerals are more important to human life and to life in general than the "trace minerals."

3. That specific Ormus minerals (such as Ormus Gold) could be concentrated and when ingested could deliver special healing, psychological, mental and spiritual effects.

4. That the human body is designed to absorb a much higher level of Ormus minerals than we normally can obtain from food — especially cooked/oxidized/processed food.

5. That Ormus Gold is likely the most important healing Ormus mineral and has a history of ancient use.

In 2006, we made a breakthrough in the production of Ormus Gold and we have been working on getting Ormus Gold into a raw chocolate bar since that time. We are proud to announce that we have succeeded in creating the world's first Ormus Gold Raw Chocolate Bar!!

Since 1996 Steve and I dreamed of one day creating our own Ormus mineral products.
A word from Steve Adler:

Since the first time I listened to David Hudson speak on the subject of ormus, I knew I would be involved with this unique material. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet David Hudson and ask him questions. One piece of information stood out to me more than anything else. Hudson said that only ormus gold has the ability to be a superconductor at human body temperatures. It is my belief that this is the reason the alchemists and ancients focused on gold more than the other important ormus elements such as rhodium and iridium. From Hudson’s research all three have holistic healing properties, but ormus gold has another interesting characteristic: Ingested in large quantities by a spiritually advanced and ready human, it has the ability to increase the natural superconductivity of the body to such a degree, that abilities such as telepathy, levitation, and omniscience are greatly enhanced or even become the norm. Hudson makes the connection that this is what actually was referred to as the “Egyptian Rite of Passage” performed by the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. It has been my goal to incorporate this amazing material into Sacred Chocolate in order to create a very special sacred food that can assist humanity in the elevation of consciousness and opening of the Sacred Heart.
The Egyptian sacred texts say that the “Gods” were guided to use gold in order to feed the light body known as the Merkaba-- Mer meaning light, Ka meaning spirit, and ba meaning soul. ORMES elements have been documented as losing and regaining mass by being able to tunnel into other dimensions—this is thought to be a result of the material’s superconductive properties. The Pharaohs who consumed large amounts of “white powder of gold” while undergoing special fasting and meditation techniques were said to ascend to heaven through this special “rite of passage”. Modern day alchemists believe that ormus, sometimes also called “m-state” is linked to or at the foundation of what has been known as the “Philosopher’s Stone”. The Egyptians referred to it as mfkzt, the Israelite priests called it manna, and the Mesopotamians called it shem-an-na. Wei Po-yange, one of the earliest Chinese alchemists, wrote that “The Pill of Immortality” is made of an edible powder derived from gold.

Ormus is a scientific discovery, confirmed by David Hudson, various nuclear labs, General Electric Company, Phelps Dodge International Corp, and others, described as “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements” (O.R.M.E.S. or ORMES ). David Hudson was the first to also call the substance “ormus” which connects it to the “tree of life”. Ormus is a phase of matter that until recently was unknown to exist in a modern scientific context. The platinum group elements (which include gold), and a few others, have been discovered to exist in the ORMES state. When these atoms exist in a single atom state and are influenced energetically in the appropriate way, the electrons of the atoms establish themselves in a new configuration that causes the atom to exist in a non-metallic state—We call this state the ORMES state.

In nature, this state of matter is usually bound or trapped by other compounds such as salts, water, polysaccharides, plants (especially in aloe, grapes, carrots, to name a few and depending on the soils in which they are grown), and animals (especially in the brains). The naval weapons research institute believes that much of the communication that takes place in animal nervous systems is due to a superconductive phenomenon that is not completely understood. Hudson believes this phenomenon is caused by the ORMES elements, since the ORMES elements exhibit superconductive properties. Hudson also believes that if one consumes enough ormus gold and is in the right frame of mind and heart, one will become completely superconductive. His warning, though, is strict: Although hard to achieve, once begun, this process CAN’T be reversed.

The Sacred Heart is the ultimate bond and unique connection to the Divine. Through this portal all is done and undone. Ormus gold can assist the mind to relax more easily so that the self can access the Sacred Heart in more profound and deeper ways and come into communion with all that is. It is also believed that it can positively affect the communication mechanism of the brain and entire nervous system all the way down to the DNA level.

Blessed raw chocolate and ormus gold make the perfect combination for those individuals seeking a sacrament by which they can feel assisted in their pursuits of higher consciousness and Sacred Heart openings.

From our Hearts to Yours,

Sacred Steve & The Oompa Loompas at Sacred Chocolate



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Re-birthed in recent years by the scientific research and efforts of David Hudson, and confirmed by nuclear labs, General Electric Company, Phelps Dodge International Corp., and others, ormus (or, more specifically, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements--O.R.M.E.S.) has been linked to ancient alchemy, the philosopher's stone, the manna mentioned in the bible, the ark of the covenant, the Egyptian pyramids, and several other "lost" esoteric scientific art forms of the east and west.