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"Sacred Chocolate® is clearly the best chocolate bar ever. Take one bite and you will know that Sacred Chocolate has cracked the cacao code!"

-- David Wolfe, author of Naked Chocolate - www.davidwolfe.com

I met u once in Marin with David Wolfe and let me just say u have the most impeccable quality of chocolate I've ever experienced.  So... thank you for all that you do.   -- Matt Lucas  www.theopenmatt.com

We received the Sacred Chocolates at our home address yesterday, and they are, frankly, AMAZING.   The Mint….ahhhhhh…the Mint!  They are each, on their own, unique and wonderful.  The Immuno Mushroom totally took me by surprise.    I’ve written research articles on a couple of these mushrooms (posted on our www.lotusblossomclinic.com site under “Articles”  “Food as Medicine”).  And we carry most of them in capsule form at our clinic.  Now you’ve blended them with the delivery system of raw cacao?!?!  It’s crazy goodness on all levels. – Deb Martin

Thank you so much! We recently ordered from Vitacost and tried your Immuno and Amazonian and were amazed. We could feel the high vibration of this food. We are so excited to sample all of your flavors and share with our friends. Blessed Be!  -SunshinePancakes, Dallas, TX

I just wanted to tell somebody how excited I am about my recent purchase. I decided to treat myself to $150 worth of chocolate, five years ago(even as a life-long choc-o-holic)I would have called that crazy. Go back seven years, my husband and I would've easily spent that on an italian dinner with sugary fruit drinks and unlimited bread. I have eaten all natural, organic whole foods for years now and I have been going all raw for a few months. I tried these via Amazon but it took forever! Not only is your rapid turnaround the best Ive ever experienced but your product is my new best friend. I found myself watching out the window for the mail today. Phenomenal! I can even get my 4year old to eat these, she loves them! Not an easy task with most health food, especially with dad encouraging junk! Anyway, thanks for a truely wonderful product and service to match.  -Rachel Heyn, North Brookfield, MA 

I spend all my money on your Sacred Chocolate with no regrets! Thank you!!! OneLove!

Immuno Mushroom: sooo good, never lets me down and without question hits the yummy metter at a 10 every time.... Next is the Amazonian, so authentic and full of flavor, cant help but feel better every time I eat it...... Next would have to be the gold ormus because I love the Idea of Raw chocolate and Ormus!.... I could keep going, Mocha just makes sense to me and I love it, Hands down though without question or bias, SacredChocolate are my all time favorite, its time to go celebrate, go to raw chocolate bar. The taste, the name, the idea, the preparation, the intention, hands down my all time favorite Raw chocolate bar of choice! Thank you for your LOVE and Practice! I can taste it! I can feel it! Thank you!

 -Kody Lamar Harlan Patterson

Hey Steve, I just got my shipment today. Thank you for taking such care in your packaging. My Sacred Chocolate got to me in a timely manner and did not melt during transit. The ice packs were still a little cool when I unpacked the chocolate. The first thing I did was try Holy Hemp. Oh my! I have to say it is the best of the Sacred Chocolate heart bars I've tasted. It was hard to not eat more than one at a setting. :-) I think you guys out did yourselves this time. I just wanted to give you that feedback. Thanks again for all that you do! Take care, Stephanie Krahl, Native Texan

Hi, there! So excited to discover your company. I tried one of your twilight bars that I found at a local health food store (Mom's Organic Market in Alexandria, VA).  I went back to buy more but it was sold out and I'm hopeful that they'll order more soon (I've reached out to them about this already asking them to keep your chocolate stocked!).  Not only is it the best tasting chocolate I have EVER tasted, but it's also one of the only kinds I've found that I can safely eat. I'm on a restricted diet (autoimmune protocol) since finding out I've got an autoimmune disease that has been wreaking havoc on my body.  At first I had to cut out chocolate altogether, but was able to re-introduce it, after finding your pure product without soy, additives, or sugar (all of which make my condition MUCH worse). Yours is the ONLY chocolate I don't react to, and that does not cause inflammation in my body.  Such a miracle- without it, I wouldn't be able to enjoy chocolate at all!

Thank you SO much,
Danica Binkley

Dear David and Steve,

I finally got my hands on some Sacred Chocolate. Yummy. Awesome. 
Thank you for making it.

Keep up the good work.

All the best from a vegan and raw-chocolate loving fan of yours,


Sacred ♥  Chocolate vanishes into an inner outer-body experience. Medicinal elixirs, tonics, with herbal infusions that are indescribable by the bite of silence. Amazonian, Immuno Mushroom, India Sunset, Mylk, Mint, Sunsweet, Twilight, Midnight, 100 % uniting culture and cultivating the cosmic perfection of the melting pot. The Sacred Golden Mean ~ spiraling alchemic equations of herbalism and sacred geometry surpasses genius. Expanding our souls is the secret to why they are the Sacred Hearts.  ¸¸.☆¨¯`♥¸¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸¸.☆¨  -Michelle Woods

I had just watched David Wolfe speaking about the amazing Sacred Heart raw chocolate bars online last night. This morning was the first day of my transition into raw veganism and I went into the raw foods cafe nearby to check it out and guess what I found there! They were carrying those beautiful heart-shaped bars I picked up the Pacific Paradise bar and am so excited to try the other varieties! It's rich, satisfying and even after just a couple of small bites I feel grounded and peaceful. Thank-you for your magical creations! I'll be ordering additonal cacao goodies for my friends and family soon! - Kylie Graves

Sacred chocolate is quite a revelation. People must learn that optimal health can dance with optimal taste. It's all part of a revolution of a heaven on this earth and what better way to celebrate. Steve's stellar artistry has produced hands down the best chocolate on the planet. It mystifies the taste buds and charges massive creative energies to bring you to the next level. - Dylan Reece

Hey Guys, I just received my order! It was so fast! I just ordered on Saturday and I live all the way in the midwest! So, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for getting this out so fast. I'm having a chocolate party on Sunday, and it's going to be great! It wouldn't have been the same without some sacred heart bars:) So, thanks again, and I will be sending more people your way! Much love and blessings! Thanks for doing what you do... - Tamara Wilson, CA

"Sacred Chocolate® goes beyond the novelty of raw cacao candy treats – Sacred Chocolate® is a total voyage with exquisite tastes, and fun, and above all -- heart!  One bite of Indian Sunset or White Passion and I am in love all over again."

-- Susan Miller Madeley - Live Food Enthusiast and Life Coach - www.susanmillercoaching.com, Escondido, CA

"Sacred Chocolate is my favorite food! It's the first thing I eat each morning before going for a trail run. It makes me feel fantastic: energized, happy, and full of life. I experience a deep sense of well-beingness when I eat Sacred Chocolate. I can feel what a huge difference it makes to eat chocolate that is raw, stone ground, and made with the highest quality ingredients and care. I could not live without Sacred Chocolate. It has uplifted my whole life. Thank you Sacred Steve for creating the best chocolate on the planet. It helps me to be my best"

-Meredith Heller, singer/songwriter, Fairfax, CA

Dear Sacred Steve and all the Oompa Loompas, I just got my much anticipated package. Many surprises! The first was that I was so excited to try the chocolate that I forgot I even ordered almond butter. WOAH! The almond butter was the star of the box. That stuff is out of this world amazing. I could "drink" the entire jar. I am trying hard not to. :) I ordered 10 chocolate bars and was thinking it would be gone in 5 minutes but I am happy to note the stuff is FILLING. I had to force myself to eat two. They are utterly fantastic but they filled me up so fast...and that's good news! :) The white chocolate is my favorite. (And there are three I haven't even tasted yet...!) Then the beans...oh man...even since I saw Steve dipping them into the cashew butter on the youtube video I have been DYING to try that! Cashew butter wasn't in stock but DO buy and have it with some almond butter...heaven!!! I am so glad I made the purchase and I will be back again and again! And I will be telling everyone I know about Sacred Chocolate. Thank you for making these things available and for everything you do! With much love and gratitude,

- Marie, Hendersonville, NC, USA

I just wanted to let you guys know that you make the best cacao treats around! i have tried a multitude of cacao products on the market and none of them compare to your creations! i have never seen such an amazing array of flavors and spices blended so perfectly! your truffles have some of the most exquisite and creative flavors i have ever experienced! THANK YOU! have a wonderful chocolate filled day!,

- Andy Strieby, California, USA

I would just like to say that I am so blown away by what you do in your chocolate factory. I tasted your chocolate on Christmas day this year and I had the "Indian Sunset". I cannot tell you how beautiful my experience was. The flavors melted in my mouth perfectly, as I closed my eyes it seemed I had been transported to the country itself!!

- Najla, New York

Just wanted to thank you again for that last order, the bars and the truffles were AHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!! WOW!!!

I finished a 10 day fast two weeks before the order came in and so after had my first bar I was in 7th heaven of another dimension.

- Azula, USA

I shared some truffles and everybody loved loved loved them. Thank you for the heart!!

- Lisa Lefemine - New York

Today has been a tipping point in my life. I took my first bite of Sacred Chocolate and laughed for about 10 minutes straight. Thank you for the most amazing edible product the universe has ever produced. If we were to have an intergalactic alien mega war, it would be your chocolate that would save us all.

- Amelia Egle, Alaska, USA

Sacred Chocolate is a Blessing to the mind , body and soul. I work sometimes all day and night waiting tables in a busy midtown restaurant in NYC , and what to eat for energy and nourishment is a big issue and Sacred Chocolate is always the answer. I love love love love love Sacred Chocolate and it loves me back.Thank you.

- Lisa, New York, USA

 Sacred Heart Chocolate has arrived - and I must say I that everyone in the house is equally excited.  My canine companion Shiva LOVEs chocolate - when the box arrived he went on a vigilant watch to be sure that it was "safe."  We give him tiny pieces and only once or twice a day.  When Shiva was a pup, he found and ate a dark chocolate bar in my friend's purse and ate the whole thing.  He survived and still loves chocolate. We think, if Shiva could talk he would say "damn the liver - what is life without chocolate!!!"  S. Madeley, Escondido CA

"Hearing the seemingly apocryphal tales of the existence of Sacred Chocolate (how could any one chocolate bar hold true to the rumors of such opulent splendor?) I began a quest across space and time to find the nexus of this immortal fountain of chocolate.  Having been winnowed from the multitudes and consecrated to have gazed my eyes upon and stroked my rubber glove encased fingers over the inside of the mysterious, mystical, mind melding Sacred Chocolate factory in Marin CA, I can fully endorse its crystalline radiance being held inside a perfect field of love and that it literally energetically emerges from the center of the heart of the one infinite intelligence in the middle of the torsion field of the hologram of love's creation.  Not only is it nutritious in every aspect to the body physical, not only is the chocolate painstakingly cared for as if it were a small precious gold purple and brown glimmering skinned baby that birthed itself from the fleurs du cacao, using only the finest hand selected ingredients grown with the greatest love and care, the sibylline message that is revealed from the plant devas upon consumption are tailored to open your heart in ways that can change the spirit's entire orientation in a flash;  your eyes begin to notice golden sparkles of manna in the air;  your heart instantaneously becomes the open conduit for its magic to pour forth from the inner heavens into your core full of the amaranthine fountain of chocolate's deathless delight, and you shall forever after be spilling forth with the gnosis that love is who you are. LOVE!! " 

-- Aurora, Topanga, CA

"I just tried the 69% whole bean and it is AMAZING....the best ever :) thanks so much for turning me on to it, I only wish I would have ordered more!! ...I beat all my previous numbers while working out and I BELIEVE  it had to be the chocolate!!."

-- Jolene Anderson

I tried your chocolate this past saturday at the Ferry Plaza Market in SF and I must say the quality is very good and the taste is wonderful and texture is awesome. I'm so glad that Rainbow sells your product. I was able to get my white passion fix. Thank you for providing consumers with such wonderful product :) I love it.

-- Clara Renea

Last year around this time I asked Avo to send me a bar while he was up at the Steve Wanka Factory. My expectations were totally surpassed because a few months later I received a fluffy citrus bar in the mail! I can't describe in words how wildly stoked I was to get it! I saw Avo at my work on Big Island of Hawaii recently but was unable to explain how thankful I was (because I was on the clock). So I'm FINALLY sending you this email with so much gratitude in my heart and acknowledgement that what you guys are up to with Sacred Chocolate is a service unique in nature and beautiful in design. The way you're choosing to serve humanity HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Thanks again, and please keep it up!

-- Jordan Rose - Hawaii, 2010

WOW!.. we had sacred chocolate in boone, nc last week and it was FANTASTIC!!! thank you for creating the best chocolate ever*** blessings!

-- Memi Goings

"I minute I received mine in the mail I opened that beautiful heart of yummy and took a BIG bite...Wow, yummy Wow!"

-- Connie Graves

"ThankYOU for creating this sacred gift of edible LOVE for the world! Many blessings to you :)."

-- Ashley Hecht

"ye!! NO OTHER chocolate is as Inspiring, as Delicious, as Addictive as the Scared Heart... THANK U SACRED ONE!"

-- Aponi Noni

Just have to say, NO OTHER cacao compares to you!!!!! Keep on keepin on!!!! Thank you for your deliciousness!

-- Christi Levannier

"I received the chocolate today!  Thanks for sending them along early... I have to remind myself that they are guilt free as they are so good! I said to myself I will only have a few bites.. then I said ok.. just half.. then it was all gone! I hope to save the other two for emergency situations like we had before Christmas!  There's a tag line for you.. Sacred Chocolate® - so good and so good for you.  < or >   Sacred Chocolate® - so good, it will save your life!!!   lol....  can't make claims but it's probably true on many levels!  A few hours after eating I had to look to see if my eyes were dilated!!!  That's really good stuff!  lol."   

-- Alecia Jensen

"I got my shipment of Sacred Chocolate®; yesterday.  They are for Valentine's Day, and when I saw that the cacao / vanilla was 2 small hearts, I decided to "sneak" one.


I know that must have been a tremendous Labor Of Love.  From the CENTER OF MY HEART, I want to thank you so much for the wonder-full work you put into this chocolate, which I can taste with every lick and nibble. I just ordered a few more! Love Without End" 

-- Todd "Livingstone" Conant

"I just had a sacred heart chocolate bar... and I am literally blown away. IT WAS SOO GOOD. I had to come online and share my excitement with someone!!! I am speechless. The packaging is sooo beautiful, and the chocolate has improved so much from the Hawaii protocols I sampled at David Wolfe's retreat.  I wish I could afford to eat sacred hearts everyday! I would take them with me wherever I went, and share them with everybody. And no one would look at me weird cuz they look like NORMAL CHOCOLATE BARS, but their chocolate on a mission. My god... So good. Love you German Flower."

-- Alex

I love the new size - a lot - it helps me to take smaller bites and actually lasts longer.  I think my new favorite is the Immuno Mushroom - something to do with working on the glossary and learning about the ingredients - AND it is so smooth and creamy - and delish!  Love and Blessings, Susan (Escondido, CA)

"I just spoke to you over the phone regarding the Sacred Chocolate®!! Wow!!  I really enjoyed the amazonian and the kava kava bars!!  My body is really singing today after totally enjoying the amazonian.  I feel a phenomenal balance and a true magic!  It's not only me who feels the magic.  My coworkers have been coming up to me all day questioning me about chocolate and asking for my recepies!  The funny part is that they aren't even aware of what I've eaten today!  I swear they can feel the magic too!  It spreads.  Please let me know when you receive them.  I'm interested in ordering 10-20 of the amazonian bars and 10 of the kava kava.  Thank you, thank you!! Many blessings"

-- Hulda

"Hi Steve, Congrats on your bronze medal. I wanted to let you know that I really loved the Sacred Chocolate® that I bought at the Harmony festival. The maple sugar doesn't spike my blood sugar in the small amounts that I eat at a time. Also, the taste and consistency is amazing. Most raw chocolate tastes bitter and chocky but SC tastes as good or better than any processed candy I've ever had. (But then again I haven't had any for a long time so I'm not sure I remember how they tasted!). Best of luck with the continued success of your company. Hugs"

-- Sumati

"Greetings Sacred Chocolate® team! It was such a joy speaking with Mead and Mike today. I am so filled with gratitude and appreciation for your generosity in including samples of the zero point chocolates as well as other extras. What a treat! I so look forward to receiving these wonderful bites of edible love in the mail! I have so far tried your Amazonian and White Passion, and fell in love--especially with the White Passion I must say! Mmm! I send loving vibrations to both you and your chocolate :). May even more light and inspiration fill the Sacred Chocolate factory!, Blessings to you all, love, light and peace"

-- Ashley

"Thank you so much for the kind donation of Sacred Chocolate. It was such a treat for the teens and families on their graduation night from their 10 week diabetic  support group. Most of these families did not know that there was healthier chocolate options and without your generosity would have never been able to taste and learn about your wonderful product. Thank you again.

-- Leslie Culp, The Art of Elysium www.theartofelysium.org

"We really have something here that the whole world should be hearing about as soon as possible?! Thank You"

-- Mead

"I am absolutely blown away by your chocolate. Its amazing what you have created, and I thank you for it. I was wondering if there was anyway to get involved in becoming a distributor for your sacred chocolate bars. I wholeheartedly agree with everything the bars represent, and would love to pass it on. Either way, I will certainly continue to eat and share the love of your chocolate! Thanks for your time!"

-- Mike King

"WONDERFUL chocolates... even if quite expensive, there are highly worth it !!!    DIVINE... I just can't find words for telling it ! Never tasted chocolates like that. CONGRATULATIONS to the people who create them !"

-- Colette Pairain

"The White Chocolate, Hey, hi there Sacred Steve, and everyone. That white chocolate is waaay better, so superior, tastes like heaven, is not on earth for long enough.  Tastes like the perfect white chocolate that the world never knew. Thanks for your kind hearted sending me another one. The chocolate is just like angel cuisine."
Much blessly,
-- Cristy Knowles, March 2009

"New Favorite, Hi SS! Just wanted to let you know that I have a new favorite sacred chocolate! ROOIBOS! YUM YUM GIVE ME SOME! Oh is it ever gooooooooooooooood!, Thanks and Love"

--Linda Wooliever

Re: Immuno Mushroom BarI. "Steve...I actually had one of the sacred heart bars a few weeks ago, my friend gave it to me...it was definitely the most powerful chocolate bar I've ever eaten."

-- Justin Carboneau

"EXEMPLARY SACRED SERVICE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! I re-COMMEND Sacred Chocolate hearts to anyone living in a human body, with any sort of heart beating within it! The quality of texture, taste of rapture, and EXPERIENCE of pure Loving Goodness is readily apparent to ALL who partake of this Cozmic Sacrement! Take it from a culinary professional of over 24 years: THIS IS CONFECTIONARY PERFECTION! Authentically yours, c.p."

-- David Steinberg

"We've almost finished all the Sacred Chocolate®. Looks like I'll have to order more soon.

Steve, it was so wonderful to see you again. I just absolutely love you so much. My husband was just taken with you. I told him that I feel that you radiate Christ conciousness and he completely agreed with me. I guess now he'll know where I'll be whenever I run away - at a retreat with you! RSF just does not offer enough time & you have to be all over the place.

I was absolutely right that the new Indian
Sacred Chocolate® would be my favorite. I guess everyone else like it to, because it was all gone when I went back for more. I don't know what it was, but I have never experienced anything like I did after eating the few bites of samples that I did. I was multidimensional flying. Steve, I only sampled 4 tiny bites. I already know how great your chocolate is so I didn't want to waste it on me. I wanted everyone else to try it - trust me, I sent tons of people your way. I just really have never been effected like that before. I've eaten everything you have, seen the purple shirt, write poetry and paint in the late hours after consumption of Sacred Chocolate, but WOW! But, I've never eaten after hanging around a vortex all morning. Maybe that's it.

There's so much to share & not enough hours..... Love you,

-- Rhonda, Barefoot Artist in the RAW

They are outrageously delicious! And apart from being outrageously delicious, you can feel that they are made with love and good intentions when a piece is melting on your tongue.”

-- Katarina De Vos, Belgium

"Wow! This is good…… Seriously - Thank you so much for the great gift . We really appreciate it. Your biggest fan in Southern VT"

-- JW

White Chocolate Testimonial "OMG!!!!! I just ran downstairs to open the box! It is DELICIOUS!!!!! Even my cat is trying to eat it!! I literally just gave her a bite because she kept trying to grab it from me! OMG! Steve... this is over the top!!! DIVINE! You have completely cornered the market on this one! THANK YOU!!!! xo

-- Gabrielle Brick

"Steve, I just wanted to personally thank you for creating the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate®. I finally had one for the first time yesterday and it was absolutely amazing!"

-- Ali Morid

Re: The White Chocolate. "Hey, hi there Sacred Steve, and everyone. That white chocolate is waaay better, so superior, tastes like heaven, is not on earth for long enough. Tastes like the perfect white chocolate that the world never knew. Thanks for your kind hearted sending me another one. The chocolate is just like angel cuisine. Much blessly."

-- Cristy K

"My mother and I were out xmas shopping the day before Christmas. We traveled to several stores all over town, fighting the parking lots and snow packed icy streets. Although we were very productive and felt we had accomplished much, we were mentally and physically tired - our bodies were entirely drained and ready for rest. The only problem was we had an hour before my son would return home and grocery shopping still needed to be done. If groceries were not purchased there would be little to eat on Christmas morning and we knew once we were home we would be in for the night. Even with this prospect we sat in my car contemplating our next action. Ultimately we decided there was no way we'd have enough strength to carry on to one more shop. Just then I remembered having a sacred chocolate bar. My mother had not yet tasted this delicious and nutritious treat! I excitedly exclaimed, "look try this"... my mother took half and immediately remarked on how good it tasted and how smooth. I smiled, with eyes wide and nodded, savored the other half and we both revived into a blissful feeling, even better than when we began our quest for gifts. That bar allowed us to continue on with our shopping and in a very cheery mood! Where do I get more of these?  :)

-- Alecia Jensen

"I cant stop eating this chocolate! It is delicious and makes me feel amazing!"

-- Aymee Coget

"OK I have Sampled all of the Sacred Chocolate varieties, and I'd have to say that I don't want to choose a favorite yet. It's still a close call between about 16 different flavors."

-- Avraham Sand

"Loved all the chocolate at David's event over the weekend..... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!"

-- Brenda Rex

"I have to make a budget especially for my Sacred Chocolate fix each month. This stuff is too good!"

-- Diane Sanfilippo

"We LOVE SACRED CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAHALO"

-- Superfood Snacks

"Wow - that's amazing information. Sacred Chocolate can save the world."

-- Sandy Balin

"I just tried the Rooibos- maple 62% and I must say it is now my new favorite. Thanks~"

-- Tricia Mendoza

"Cacao is a carrier so when you start mixing it with herbs, now you're talking" so when will you start selling zero point immuno mushroom on "noble life?"

-- Heyward Boyce

"I bought some sacred chocolate...all stocked up..thank you!!!! clapping and cheering....i also bought some delicious jungle peanuts!!!!! i am eating good this week..."

-- Tami Rush

"WooHoo!! I've been waiting on this one! I grabbed two of the Amazonian Hearts with inulin.. amazing!!! Thank you, by the way ♥"

-- Cale James

"I have noticed something- my ability to visualize material things (shoes, in this case) flows readily after I've eaten some sacred chocolate. What's the scientific way to say it: "There is a high correlation between consuming this product and my enjoyment and frequency of playing pretend."

-- Heyward Boyce


-- Faron Dotson

"Be careful choco-spin-doctors, the chocolate lovin' world may totally lose control..."

-- Avraham Sand

"The new PACKAGING IS AWESOME! The brittle looks great and very sell-able - and I love the labels on the hearts - very cool - let's see this goodness in all the stores! You have my serious support!! xoxox Little Moon"

-- Laura Lamun

"yummmmm...sacred chocolate really is the world's perfect food!!"

-- Nicole Pigeault

"Chocolate spies are everywhere!! They are STILL asking me to spill the cacao beans... and I never will! Which is really because I ever worship the chocolate 24 karat ... uh... heart... of lord Cacao : ) but without WIlly Wonka it wouldn't be so much fun!!!"

-- Aurora Danai

"I like the Pacific Passion! Just the right amount of bitter and a touch of yummy Ginger! Thank you, oompa loopmas!!"

-- Holly Thompson

"I want to be there! I am in LOVE with your chocolate...Thank you, thank you, thank you...It's all Avocado's fault...but I'll take this addiction! I am in love with Indian sunset!!!"

-- Kat Bowie

"Whiteclouds Path  what produces the great intense flavour is............ man so easy .......it is love u are tasting my dear friend.. it is love...."

-- Patricia Halverson

"My favorite treat....not to forget ...the sacred !!!!"

-- Manica Nieuwenhuis

"~ So much Love ~~~ Thank you for all you do*"

-- Jeffrey Botticelli

"There just IS NO OTHER raw chocolate! not once you've had SACRED CHOCOLATE! love you steve! Looking forward to your presentation at the end of the month! xoxosheaxoxo"

-- Shea Lynn Baird

"The first time I tried Sacred Chocolate I was at a David Wolfe event...I tried it and immediately went back to buy 4 more, unfortunately all the rest were sold...this is the end all be all chocolate NO ONE! can come close...you guys ROCK!!!"

-- Michele Sobel Randazzo

"I love sacred chocolate and sacred Steve! Yes!"

-- Mihaela Grigorut

"Herbalist here and I love mushrooms! You have a great formula going! I love how you add "love & gratitude" in your ingredients, I also include Divine Love in mine because that's the core of it all! ♥"

-- Lori Chase Walsh

"Love Love LOVE Sacred Chocolate! Best EVER!"

-- Bonnie Carney

"Are you kidding me?.. no need to ask me to become a fan.. I'm quite possibly your biggest fan.. lol.. and sacred chocolate is quite possibly my favorite food... Rock on with your Sacred Chocolates Sacred Steve... Love!!!!!"

-- Carolyn Marie Solton

"Yeah, Sacred Chocolate!!! :D"

-- Bryan Kingsley Horak

"That it does Sacred Steve... It quite possibly is my favorite food... Rock on with your Sacred Chocolates Sacred Steve!! Love!!!"

-- Carolyn Marie Solton

"aaaahhhhhhh..... YES!!! ♥"

-- Laura Grace Smith

"The best chocolate in the world.....by far!"

-- Debbie Kearns-Kleven

"I love love love love love love the hearts! thank you for creating and sharing them :) :) :)"

-- Anya Gandelman

"Frikken genius!!"

-- Anthea Graupner

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