Ingredient Glossary

Sweetening Sacred Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate recipes may include a combination of maple sugar, coconut sugar, erythritol, inulin, stevia, lucuma powder and agave nectar. Sweetening ingredients may also include sweet spices such as cinnamon, sweet herbs such as licorice, sweet roots such as maca and yacon, as well as fruit and vanilla.  

Maple Sugar has the aroma of a Canadian forest in full bloom and the particular flavor of maple creates a beautiful dance with the complex flavors of the South American cacao beans used in Sacred Chocolate.  Sacred Chocolate maple sugar is environmentally sustainable and vegan-friendly. For those who are concerned with glycemic index, maple is only 55 on the glycemic index (a value comparable to brown rice, banana or sweet potato). Maple is also notably high in manganese, zinc and potassium. Maple contains numerous antioxidant polyphenols, beneficial plant compounds also found in cacao, green tea, almonds and olive oil. Exciting research from 2008 analyzed four grades of maple syrup and identified no less than twenty-four different polyphenol compounds in the samples! Even MORE phenols were found to be present at lower levels! Identified maple phenols included the well-studied, health-protective flavonoids rutin, quercitin, catechin and epicatechin.  Recent studies point to the ability of Maple to mitigate the enzyme activity associated with TYPE 2 DIABETES as well as improve the liver scores when tested on rats.  Maple Sugar sweetens many of Sacred Chocolate's most popular flavors.

Coconut Sugar is a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich juice that is tapped from the coconut tree and secretes from the coconut blossoms.  This sap is low glycemic, diabetic-friendly, contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH. Raw coconut palm sugar is minimally evaporated at low temperatures for 90 minutes to remove excess moisture and allow for crystallization. Sap nectar is only 16% sucrose. Coconut Sugar sweetens Sacred Chocolate's Mocha.

Clear Blue Agave Nectar is organically produced in the town Tequila, Mexico using centuries old processing. Naturally low glycemic with high minerals and high inulin from the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber pant. Inulins are naturally occurring oligosaccharides that increase calcium and magnesium absorption while encouraging beneficial probiotic flora. The Ancients considered the plant to be sacred and believed that it purified the body and soul. Agave Nectar production involves removing the leaves from the Agave plant then crushing and milling the plant core called the "Pina". Agave Nectar is gently manufactured in a way to minimally take away from the natural benefits (no enzymes or acids are added and the temperature is maintained at a low rate). The clear blue agave nectar used by Sacred Chocolate for Truth Truffles (Currently Discontinued) is not cooked and is a truly raw product with exquisite flavor and texture.

Erythritol is a naturally derived sweetener that is virtually free of calories and occurs in plants. Erythritol has a zero glycemic index while being approximately 70 percent as sweet as table sugar. Usually made from plant sugars mixed with water and then fermented with a natural culture into erythritol. The unique characteristic, not seen in other natural sugars including xylitol, is that erythritol is absorbed directly by the body and is less prone to causing gastric distress or a laxative effect.  Studies are showing that erythritol's strong antioxidant activity may even protect the vascular health of diabetics. Erythritol sweetens Sacred Chocolate's Zero Pointe Mint.

Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke) is a carbohydrate, a gluten-free, calorie-free sweetener, which is also a prebiotic naturally derived from plants. Jerusalem artichoke based inulin has been scientifically shown to improve gastrointestinal health and to facilitate calcium absorption. Studies have also shown that inulin can lower blood glucose levels, reduced triglycerides, reduced LDL cholesterol and inhibit the growth of various kinds of cancer. Inulin adds a delightful sweetness to Sacred Chocolate's Sun Sweet.

Lucuma, a member of the sapote family, is an exotic fruit once known as the "Gold of the Inca." Lucuma has been honored for its healing, spiritual, and flavorful qualities since ancient times. It is low in acid, low in sugar, and contains an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Lucuma has an abundant supply of beta-carotene, niacin, and iron, with significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus. Its low sugar content makes it a healthy alternative to sugar for people who have diabetes and other illnesses.  People who want to enjoy delicious sweet delights while reducing sugar to maintain vibrant health - love Lucuma. Lucuma sweetens our Amazonian.

Stevia Leaf (also known as sweet leaf, yerba dulce, sweet herb, honey leaf, and ca-he-he) is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family, which grows wild as a native to South America. Stevia and has been used for centuries to sweeten drinks and foods. Considered to be sweeter than sugar without the calories or glycemic load, stevia is loved by many as a sweetener with little aftertaste. In China tea made from stevia is considered to be anti-aging and to support healthy weight reduction. Stevia leaf sweetens our Amazonian.

Yacon is popular for its gentle sweetening quality. "Yacon is a distant relative of the sunflower with edible tubers and leaves. It is commonly grown and consumed from Colombia to northwest Argentina. Yacon is both naturally low in calories and low in sugars that elevate blood sugar levels. Every part of the plant has been used to help those with blood-sugar disorders. As a prebiotic, yacon is good for digestion, stimulates positive colon health, and helps with the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Yacon helps to regulate friendly intestinal flora, and especially improves the growth of certain probiotics (bifidobacterium and lactobacilus species), thus helping to reduce constipation. Yacon root contains significant quantities of potassium and antioxidants. Because of its high antioxidant value, yacon is beneficial in reducing free-radical damage in the body, especially in the colon." p. 245 (David Wolfe, Superfoods) Yacon leaf and root give sweetness and healing power to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Herbs, Essential Oils, and Roots

Black Pepper comes from the fermented and dried green fruit of piper nigrum, an evergreen climbing vine. Like many spices, black pepper was originally a luxury for the rich and was used as money. Black pepper has been a staple of many herbalists for a wide variety of uses including to stimulate weakened membranes, for runny noses and for hemorrhoids. Black pepper is used in traditionally in Ayurveda to potentiate herbal health recipes. Present scientific studies are showing that black pepper has the potential to be a powerful natural remedy for depression, pain relief, as an antiseptic and to slow the spread of tumors and calcification. Piperine, the main alkaloid from black pepper has been shown to substantially increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods and supplements. Black Pepper brings its earthy and hot nature to Sacred Chocolate's Sacred Fire Truffle.

Black Sage (mellifera) like white sage is a California Native; it is a sprawling brilliant, highly aromatic, green leaved bush. Black sage is used in folk medicine in South America for the treatment of inflammation and as a healing agent. In traditional Mexican medicine, black sage is used to treat gastrointestinal, respiratory and dermatological disorders. Black sage enhances Sacred Heart's Purple Rose Truffle.

Canchalagua (can-tsha-la'gwa) is a small herbaceous plant native to South America. Andean healers recommend its use as a way to improve and support healthy skin. Internally canchalagua is used to promote and support normal metabolism and for blood cleansing, which can also lead to overall improvement in health. It is regarded as tonic for both the liver and kidneys (malfunctioning of these organ can lead, in many cases, to skin problems). Canchalagua is used also as an antimicrobial for urinary tract problems and is effectively used for its bacterial, fungal, inflammatory properties, as well as for clearing up yeast and malaria. Canchalagua flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cardamom is the sweetly aromatic, agreeably pungent fruit of a tropical plant related to ginger; it is one of the world's most expensive spices, after saffron and vanilla. The three seeds inside each plant pod are considered to be the spice of Cardamom. Cardamom lends its distinctive flavor to chai and it is essential to the cuisines of the Middle East and Scandinavia. Cardamom has been used medicinally for centuries in India and China as a carminative, a stimulant, and to treat urinary problems. In the Middle East cardamom was considered an aphrodisiac, and is mentioned frequently in the book One Thousand and One Nights. In India during the 11th century cardamom was one of the ingredients in the "Five fragrance betel chew" in the Book of Splendour. Cardamom seeds are helpful for digestion and for relieving flatulence, and for giving a less than fiery warmth. Used also as an essential oil. Cardamom is one of the ingredients spicing up the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) is an amazing healing bitter herb.  The tropical vine grows in the rainforest and jungle areas of South America and the bark has been used as a general stamina-enhancing tonic by indigenous peoples for hundreds of years. The Ashanica Indians of Peru believe that cat's claw has life giving properties, and their folklore states that if you drink one cup of bark decoction a week it will ward off diseases, help ease bone pain, and cleanse the body. Cat's claw has been used for arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, and female cycle regulation. It is also, especially, notable for its anti-viral and tumor dissolving properties, as well as its effects on cellular regeneration and cardiovascular repair. Cat's claw is used by herbalists to boost the immune system and to protect cells from damage. This valuable herb also helps regulate normal blood pressure, balance cholesterol and open up peripheral circulation, making it helpful for the skin and joints. Cat's claw bark is also believed to support the health of the digestive tract lining and relieve symptoms of coughing, sneezing and congestion. Cat's claw empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Chanca Piedra (break stone) is a small herbaceous plant widely used for centuries by the Indians of South America. Chanca piedra contains many of the same beneficial phytochemicals found in green tea, which help protect the cells from stress and pollutants in the environment. Its main use by native healers is for the treatment of kidney stones and gallstones, in which it helps break up and pass the stones, while also dilating the urinary tract thus lessening the pain. Although indigenous to the Amazon, chanca piedra is also found in and used for healing in China, India and the Bahamas. Chanca piedra is also known as an efficient substance used to detox the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. "This is one of the most important superherbs discovered in the entire history of herbalism.  Chanca Piedra has a long research and traditional history for breaking up calcification and ridding the body of nanobacteria-caused 'stone' formations." p. 243 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Chanca Piedra empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Chuchuhuasi (chew-chew-huh-wah-see) is a bitter tree found in western Amazonia. "If Chuchuhuasi was a Chinese herb, it would be categorized as a Jing herb. Chuchuhuasi is an herb from the bark of a giant Amazonian rainforest tree that can reach over 30 meters in height. Chuchuhuasi tea is used specifically to alleviate arthritic joint pain and most types of back pain.  Chuchuhuasi also has other healing properties such as: immune system improvement, tension relief, and adrenal support." p. 246 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Chuchuhuasi is well known and used especially in and around Iquitos, Peru on the Amazon River. Because of the remoteness of this area, its use was unknown to the rest of the world until recent times. Among chuchuhuasi's strongest properties is the building of immunity and, at the same time, enhancing sexual activity and function. The bark, roots, and leaves are used for many traditional purposes. Chuchuhuasi is most commonly used to treat rheumatism, tuberculosis, bronchitis, stomachache, and fever. Chuchuhuasi flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cinnamon has a delightful taste of sweetness and spice as well as numerous healing properties. "Cinnamon is a tropical tree bark that originally comes from Asia. Cinnamon is a great source of the mineral chromium, which helps balance blood sugar levels.... Cinnamon helps to balance the effects of the sugar on your bloodstream. Cinnamon has a spicy component which helps to dilate capillaries and deliver fat-soluble goodies found in cacao." p. 107 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Cinnamon has a fragrant perfume and taste aromatic and sweet; when distilled it only gives a very small quantity of oil, with a delicious flavor. Due to its incredible value, sweet cinnamon was used for centuries as a spice of the aristocracy and the wealthy. A powerful antioxidant, cinnamon can stimulate appetite, improve memory and relieve anxiety and depression. It can help flush toxins and balance the body's energy and thermal equilibrium. Among the spices considered useful for producing “heat” within the body, cinnamon has been measured to increase appetite, both physical and sexual. "A great natural source of blood-sugar balancing chromium, cinnamon assists the body's conversion of sugar (glucose) into energy. It has also been found that taking small amounts of cinnamon every day can help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, stop medication-resistant yeast infections, fight free-radical cell damage, reduce inflammation, inhibit bacterial growth, and have an anti-clotting effect on the blood. Cinnamon is also a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium." p. 246 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Sacred Chocolate uses cinnamon as a sweetener and also as an essential oil. Cinnamon brings spice and warmth to the Sacred Fire Truffle and the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Clavo Huasca is highly regarded by Peruvian herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac for both men and women and for improving erectile function. It is used as a general tonic, for muscle pain and as a digestive aid to calm the stomach and increase appetite. The vine, bark and root have a distinctive, clove-like aroma earning its common name clove vine or white clove. Clavo huasca spices up the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Clove buds are the aromatic dried flower of a tree in the Myrtle family. The aromatic flowers and oil of clove are notable for their culinary and medicinal uses. Native to the Spice Islands, clove is widely used as a health enhancing spice in Asian herbal traditions. With a warming quality, clove promotes circulation in the stomach, enhancing digestion and reducing gas. By warming the lungs, it thins mucous and has traditionally been used to help expel phlegm. Clove also promotes lymph function and balances triglycerides and blood sugar. Cloves were one of the first globally traded spices in the world, going as far back as 1721 B.C.E. Over the course of centuries, cloves have been used to alleviate pain, prevent and treat bacterial infection, ease toothaches, treat worms and relieve congestion. Long before they were used to flavor foods, cloves were used to sweeten bad breath and settle upset stomachs. Clove is the active ingredient in many over the counter toothache remedies because it has both anesthetic and antiseptic properties. Used also as an essential oil in Sacred Chocolates. Clove is one of the ingredients spicing and warming the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Curry powder comes in numerous blends of spices and the combinations and amounts are is as varied as the chefs. Muchi Curry is considered to be the "hot curry" and it is made with three peppers, cayenne, black pepper, and white pepper. These peppers are often combined with turmeric, cumin, ginger, coriander, fenugreek, garlic, celery seed, cloves, caraway, and mace. Curry is one of the ingredients spicing up the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar. Muchi Curry brings its delightful flavorful heat to Sacred Chocolate's Yellow Tara Truffle.

Ginger is the most widely used and available herbal remedy on the planet, with billions of people using it every day as both food and medicine. For centuries, Europeans obtained ginger form Arab spice traders, who protected their sources by inviting stories of ginger field located in lands stalked by a fierce people called troglodytes. Ginger is used either fresh or dried in nearly two thirds of all traditional Chinese and Japanese herbal formulas. Fresh ginger is used to relieve dryness and heat, while dried ginger is used to relieve dampness and chill. In Traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is said to "rescue devastated yang," a condition in which invading cold or infection has reached the interior of the body. Ginger warms the energy channels and stops bleeding, especially uterine bleeding. Ginger is used as a stimulant, carminative. Ginger is very useful for stoppage of the menses due to cold, and externally it is also warming. Used also as an essential oil by Sacred Chocolate. Ginger is one of the ingredients giving its heat and healing to the Ajaya Truffle and the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Guayusa (why-you-suh) comes form a tall Amazonian tree of the holly genus native to Ecuador and Peru. As a testament to guayusa's revered status throughout South America, a 1,500-year-old bundle of guayusa leaves was found by Harvard Ethno botanist Richard Evans Schultes in a medicine man's tomb high in the Bolivian Andes, far beyond the natural range of the plant. A close relative to yerba mate, indigenous hunters will drink guayusa to sharpen their instincts and call it the “Night Watchman" because it helps them stay alert and awake all night. For many Ecuadorian indigenous people the morning drinking of guayusa is a social ritual. Guayusa is added to the powerful Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Hercampuri is an herbal plant that has been used for hundreds of years to support and maintain health among Peruvians. Hercampuri is known to help blood circulation, to manage weight, and to energize the liver. Additionally, herbal healers suggest using Hercampuri for short periods of time as a body cleanser and detoxifier and to support normal liver and gall bladder functions. Hercampuri contains quantities of bitter compounds that help to regenerate hepatic function, stimulate bilary acid secretion, prevent the formation of gallstones and generally aid the digestive process. A better functioning liver promotes overall health, reduces the over production of cholesterol, decreases fat levels and helps in weight loss. Hercampuri has also been found to standardize arterial pressure and as such reduces the risks of cardiovascular problems. Hercampuri gives zest to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Iporuro is a shrubby tree with light-brown bark and violet flowers. Iporuro grows extensively in the lower elevations and flood plains of the Amazon River. Among its many natives uses, Iporuro is recognized for its effectiveness to support muscle and joint structure, a use that its gaining popularity among Peruvians who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and other joint problems. Tribal healers report analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties as they used it topically on painful joints, stingray wounds and bruises. It is also used for fungal and viral infections as well as erectile function and fertility. Iporuro flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Kaffir Lime Leaf comes from an evergreen citrus tree with dark green smooth leaves. This popular spice used in Southeast Asian foods, especially in Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Balinese dishes. The zesty pungent citrusy notes of kaffir lime leaves are more intense than the lime fruit. Kaffir lime leaf heightens the flavor of Sacred Chocolate's India Sunset bar.

Lavender with a sweet, herbaceous, floral aroma is used as a culinary and healing herb. Most known for skin healing and sedative properties – lavender is also used for its analgesic, antibacterial, antidepressant, ant-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Lavender is native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean – it flourishes throughout southern European folklore including the use of pillows filled with lavender flowers help restless people fall sleep. Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. Studies also suggest that massage with essential oils, particularly lavender, may result in improved sleep quality, more stable mood, better concentration, and reduced anxiety. Lavender flowers and lavender oil infuse their healing and calming energy into Sacred Chocolate's Lavender Blue Truffle.

Lemongrass, called "akrai" in Thailand, is a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes. Lemongrass has the reputation of increasing longevity, possibly due to demonstrated anti-biotic properties and its calming effect on the nervous system. Lemongrass oil contains vitamin A and helps to clear the complexion. As a tea, lemongrass is clean and crisp with a distinctive, spicy, lemony flavor and aroma. As a spice or a tea, lemongrass is a functional botanical that has beneficial properties and is thought to relieve fatigue, reduce stress, soothe the stomach, and help relax the mind before going to sleep. It also can be used to lessen mucous and flu-like symptoms and for moderating fevers and cramps. Used also as an essential oil. Lemongrass lends vitality and flavor to the Ajaya Truffle and to the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Maca contains a class of chemical compounds known as glucosinolates, which are often associated with herbs known as aphrodisiacs. "Maca has a slightly malted flavor and other flavor notes that are sweet and decorated with butterscotch overtones. It also has some minor taste qualities reminiscent of other cruciferous vegetables such as the radish; these qualities add some mild, subtle, spicy elements." p. 76 (David Wolfe, Superfoods) "Maca is the great superfood coming out of Peru.... Maca is found growing at elevations of over 10,500 feet in the Altiplano region of the Andes. Its natural zone is an inhospitable region of intense sunlight, violent winds and below freezing weather. With its extreme temperatures and poor rocky soil, the area rates amongst the world's worst farmland, yet over the centuries, maca flourishes under these conditions. Maca has been used as an immunostimulant, for anemia, to stop bone-mineral loss, enhance memory, fight stomach cancer, as well as to alleviate depression, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, sterility and other reproductive and sexual disorders. Maca increases overall vigour -- especially sexual stamina and appetite." p. 109 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Maca was domesticated about 2,000 years ago by the Incas, and primitive cultivars of maca have been found in archaeological sites dating as far back as 1600 B.C. Maca's health benefits are highly regarded - as Maca nourishes the glands and encourages the function of all the glands of the body such as the ovaries, testes, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, and thymus. For energy, stamina, anemia, immunity, and improved memory. For hormonal imbalances, to relieve hot flashes, menstrual disorders, youthful skin, improved sexual desire, normalizing vaginal lubrication and improved emotional balance. Maca was sacred food given to warriors as a source of strength. "Dried maca powder contains more than 10% protein, nearly 20 amino acids, and 7 essential amino acid. As a root crop, maca contains five times more protein than a potato and four times more fiber. Although maca is not a complete protein it is such a great source of hormone precursors and amino acids that it provides many of the same effects created by a high-protein diet. Maca also helps the human body to produce more hormone precursors. Sufficient hormone precursor levels help improve bone and tissue mineralization. Maca is also known to contain up to 20 trace minerals." Pp. 267-268 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Maca flavors and empowers the IxcacaoTruffle and the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Manayupa grows along the ground in fields and along roads in the Central American rain forest. In Peruvian herbal medicine, a leaf tea is used as blood cleanser, clearing the body from environmental toxins and chemicals, as urinary tract cleanser, for headaches, pain, inflammation, and kidney stress, as well as to treat ovarian problems, vaginal discharges, and hemorrhages. Manayupa flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Mesquite is a delightful earthy sweetening seed, which comes from tree pods. "Mesquite is the legume-fruit of a tree native to the Americas. Native Americans have used mesquite as a nonglycemic sweetener for thousands of years. Mesquite is rich in calcium, zinc, and fiber." p. 249 (David Wolfe, Superfoods) "It enhances creaminess and adds minerals and blood sugar balancing elements." p. 120 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Mesquite gives its energy and love to Sacred Chocolate's Ixcacao TruffleJubilee Truffle and Yellow Tara Truffle.

Mint -- Peppermint and Spearmint "Mint is the only green-leafy food that really generates magic with cacao. Working on a similar principle to cayenne, the menthols in mint dilate blood capillaries allowing cacao's magic to be delivered. Additionally, mint, being a green-leafy vegetable, contains high levels of calcium which synergise with the magnesium in cacao." p. 109 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked ChocolatePeppermint is one of the most popular herbs and a major U.S. export with many uses. Assyrians used peppermint as an offering to their fire god. Peppermint contains an essential oil that is unique to other mints for its quality and flavor. Traditionally peppermint is used for digestion and has been used medicinally for irritable bowel syndrome and as an essential oil externally to treat headache. In many cultures peppermint is carried to promote a safe journey to travelers. Spearmint is the older mint with a prolific ability to grow independently in many environments. The leaves lose their aroma after the plant flowers. Spearmint has anti-androgenic properties can reduce testosterone in the blood and has been used to decrease body hair on women. Spearmint has strong anti-fungal properties. Spearmint has long been an important medicinal herb - ancient Pharisees paid tithes to their Temple in spearmint. Spearmint is used to calm digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. In Ayurvedic medicine spearmint is considered to be a cold, pungent herb that increases mental alertness and relieves stress. Peppermint leaf and spearmint essential oil lend marvelous properties to the Mint and the Zero Pointe Mint Sacred Heart Chocolate bars; Peppermint Essential Oil and Spearmint give an amazing combination of aroma which enhance the beauty and flavor of the Arctic Chi Truffle.

Osha Root, a high altitude native of the Rocky Mountains and Southwestern USA, is also known as Bear Medicine, Chuchupaste, Indian Root and Mountain Ginseng. Osha is wild harvested as it resists domestication. Native Americans used the name Bear Medicine as they saw that bears would seek out Osha Root after hibernation. Osha will induce sweating and is thought to prevent or extinguish a cold or flu. Osha Root is one of the ingredients empowering the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Pasuchaca is a wild herb growing in the Andean mountains that has been used by ancients for health and treatment of glucose absorption in the muscle tissues. It is known to increase the reception of insulin in diabetes, as it appears that Pasuchaca impedes the reabsorption of glucose through the tubular epithelium. Pasuchaca is considered to be an anti-diabetic, anti-hypoglycemic and a blood purifier. Pasuchaca flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Pau d'Arco is an amazing healing herb. "Pau d'Arco tea possesses a wonderful flavor and has a naturally sweet taste, yet contains no sugar, which makes it a perfect herb for cleansing unwanted guests and nanobacteria. Indigenous people noticed that the Pau d'Arco tree does not rot, even when it is dead. Pau d'Arco bark contains intrinsic chemical factors that fight fungus and mold, even in some of the wettest environments on Earth. This was likely how and why indigenous people started using the bark medicinally to fight fungal conditions. Three to eight cups of Pau d'Arco tea each day are recommended for individuals suffering from candida or chronic digestive disturbances." p. 281 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Pau d'Arco is a powerful ingredient in the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Pine Pollen is a healing herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Its phyto-androgen content, which helps to counter the effects of environmental toxins, makes pine pollen ideal for hormone balancing. Pine pollen's estrogen balancing is ideal for people having hormone and estrogen dominance weight and skin issues, mood disorders, as well as sexual and fertility issues. As an incredible superfood, pine pollen has over 20 amino acids and 8 essential - making it a complete protein.  Pine pollen is also a great source of phyto-nutrients amino acids, and free radical fighting antioxidants. Nutritionally powerful, pine pollen also contains EFAs, polysaccharides, MSM, DHEA, vitamins A, D, E, and B, and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium, and silicon. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used for the lungs, skin, heart, the reproductive system, and the immune system. It has been shown to restore energy and to eliminate signs of aging. Pine pollen is a high-energy food builds long-term health. As a tonic, Pine Pollen can be consumed daily to help restore a healthy endocrine system and balance androgen and estrogen levels and to improve endurance and to protect the cardiovascular system. Pine Pollen gives amazing healing energy and flavor to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Quararibea Funebris "flowers contain at least three lactone alkaloids: funebral, funebrine and funebradiol. These compounds possess subtle relaxing and mind-altering properties that are activated when added to cacao. Lactones, we might recall, gained the attention of Western science at the active ingredient in the Polynesian root Kava Kava with its numbing and relaxing effect. Quararibea funebris grows into a giant tree that can feed several families indefinitely with its rich production of flowers. The tree was at one time widespread and growing wild throughout the Oaxaca region of Mexico here it is still available in the markets. Due to deforestation, it lost its once wide growth range. It can still be found in its wild habitat in Guatemala.... For possibly thousands of years, the natives of the Oaxaca region of Mexico have added the dried aromatic flowers of Quararibea funebris to a chocolate concoction they call tejate that is used in the treatment of anxiety, fever and coughs." p. 77 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Quararibea Funebris flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Rose Essential Oil has a hypnotic, deep, soft, sweetly floral, lightly spicy scent and flavor. The beautiful evocative rose with its rich fragrance has been prized throughout history - from the ancient Persian gardens to Roman banquets. Rose oil has been prized throughout the ages as a way to calm the emotions, soothe stress, cool frustration and cultivate love. The rose symbolizes innocence, love, passion, sympathy, and desire. Used in India as a healing flower and in Maharishi Ayurveda specifically the rose is used to help alleviate depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and memory loss. Rose oil is also used to enhance beauty. Roses are used as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, sedative, and as a sexual tonic. The best oil is distilled from newly opened flowers picked in the cool morning hours before the sun has warmed away the aroma. Rose is unique among most aromatherapy oils. Its fragrance is perhaps more recognized than its relaxing, soothing and balancing applications in aromatherapy. One whiff and a vision of the flower itself, or perhaps an experience associated with the flower and its aroma will readily come to mind. The evocative nature of the rose has endured for centuries. Bulgarian Rose comes from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, near the town of Kazanlak, is among the major producers of attar of roses in the world. Rose Geranium has a reputation as a powerful wound healer - also as an analgesic, an antidepressant, and sedative, as well as for breast congestion and tenderness, bruises, and other skin difficulties. Rose geranium is also a delightful and aromatic spice used for baking treats. Rose Over Geranium, Rose Otto and Bulgarian Rose bring inspiration, harmony, and heart-opening delight to Sacred Chocolate's Purple Rose Truffle.

Sacha Jergon is a large herbaceous rainforest plant that consists of a single, giant, deeply divided leaf borne from an underground tuber on a long, thick stem, which resembles the trunk of a sapling. Sacha jergon's medicinal uses include anti-viral and calming coughs - it is named after a poisonous indigenous snake, which it resembles and for which it is also an antidote.  Guyana Indians also use sacha jergon as an antidote for poison darts and arrows, for spider bites and stingray wounds. Sacha jergon rhizome contains alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, sterols, triterpenes, and starch. Sacha jergon is used for asthma and whooping cough. In Peru it is also acclaimed to be a remedy for HIV/AIDS, cancers, intestinal problems, hernias, hand tremors, heart palpitations, and to enhance immune function. It is for these that sacha jergon is exported to Poland, Russia, and other countries. Sacha jergon is a potentiator for other herbs, especially cat's claw. Sacha jergón flavors and empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Saffron (crocus sativus) is a small bulbous perennial plant in the iridaceous family, native to Southern Europe, and one of the world's oldest and most expensive spices. This exotic herb is mentioned in classical writings including in the Torah and in ancient Greece, Roman, and Ayurvedic texts. Saffron has a penetrating aromatic scent and unique taste. It is produced by drying the stigmas and part of the styles of the purple autumn crocus. Saffron is popular in international cuisines, including Spanish rice specialties, and is required for most Mughlai dishes prepared for the royal table. Saffron gives a beautiful color and aroma to these dishes. Its versatile flavor is great in sweets and curries. In India a saffron dish is an honor for dinner guests. Medicinally, saffron is found in Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Saffron is used as a stimulant, warm and dry in action, helping in urinary, digestive and uterine troubles, as well as for asthma, arthritis, colds, coughs, acne and skin diseases.  In Ancient Ayurvedic texts saffron is an aphrodisiac and is used for stimulating and promoting libido. Saffron merits use as a strengthening agent for the heart and as a cooling agent for the brain. Saffron is also used as a feminine sexual tonic and is also known as the magical herb. Modern research is confirming the effectiveness of saffron as an antidepressant and an anticonvulsant. Saffron is the exotic and empowering seasoning for the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Star Anise (Badian Anise) is the eight-pointed star shaped fruit of a magnolia growing in China and Vietnam. Anise star pods are hotter, more pungent, and have more licorice flavor than European anise. Their distinctive flavor is from the essential oil anethole - also found in Chinese cinnamon. Star anise has carminative, stimulant, and diuretic properties - and is used for colic and rheumatism. A beautiful shape, and mahogany color, Star Anise is one of the most fragrant spices in the world - an essential for Chinese 5 spice. Star Anise is one of the ingredients in the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Tahuari Golden is ground from the creamy-yellowish inner bark of the large tropical tree, which is a close relative of Pau d'Arco. The blossoms are yellow-golden calyxes. The pleasant tasting bark has antibiotic properties and contains lapachol, an immunostimulating agent. Its moderate anti-neoplasic activity makes Golden Tahuari a popular treatment for cancer. Golden Tahuari is also used for urinary and respiratory issues, for fevers, infections, gastric ulcers, rheumatism, and eczema. Tahuari Golden gives flavorful depth and empowerment to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Tarragon (Dragon's Mugwort) is a green perennial shrub, closely allied to wormwood and mugwort, which is native to the sunny and dry regions of the U.S., Asia, and Siberia. This aromatic herb is cultivated for its sweet, minty, lightly licorice flavor. Tarragon has long been cultivated in France for culinary purposes. Its Doctrine of Signatures name means "little dragon" describing the serpentine shape of Tarragon's roots - and thus was used also as a snakebite remedy. Folk medicine also notes the use of tarragon for head, heart, and liver and the root was also used as a toothache cure. Tarragon brings mystery and spice to the Arctic Chi Truffle.

Valerian Root has a healing power that has given it also the name of "All Heal."  Valerian is a native to Europe and Northern Asia with a long history of sedative use dating to Hippocrates; this root is a calmative and a tranquilizer, which is often used as a sleep aid combined with other herbs. It is combined with St. John's wort to reduce anxiety. Valerian tastes sweet and spicy and bitter. Valerian contains acetic acid, ascorbic acid, beta-ionone, calcium, caffeic acid, magnesium, manganese, quercitin, and valeric acid. The ancient Greek physician Galen prescribed valerian for the treatment of headaches, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, menstrual problems, nervous stomach, and hysteria. Valerian soothes the digestive system and may prevent cramping caused by irritable bowel syndrome. The valerianic acid present in the oil is an isovalerianic acid, an oily liquid to which the characteristic scent of Valerian is due. The root also contains two alkaloids - chatarine and valerianine - which form crystalline salts. Valerian is a powerful nervine, stimulant, carminative and antispasmodic. It has a remarkable influence on the cerebro-spinal system, and is used as a sedative to the higher nerve centers in conditions of nervous unrest. Valerian allays pain and promotes sleep. The juice of the fresh root has been recommended as more certain in its effects, and of value for insomnia, and as an anti-convulsant in epilepsy. Having also some slight influence upon the circulation, slowing the heart and increasing its force, it has been used in the treatment of cardiac palpitations. The dried root was held in such esteem as a medicine among the poorer classes in the northern counties and the south of Scotland, that 'no broth or pottage be worth anything if Setewale (the old name for Valerian) be not there.' It was well known to the Anglo-Saxons, who used it as a salad. Valerian root is one of the ingredients empowering the India Sunset Sacred Chocolate bar.

Vanilla is the wonderful bean pod of the wild tropical orchid. "Vanilla is the only orchid fruit produced by more than 35,000 orchid varieties around the world. Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants in the world. Orchids are breatharian plants -- this means they can survive just on air and ambient moisture alone. And vanilla is the fruit of this plant! No wonder vanilla is so incredible! Vanilla's energy is female and so it combines naturally well with the male cacao. Vanilla orchids can actually naturally grow in cacao trees! In most mythologies, vanilla and cacao were divine lovers who eventually took plant form." p. 110 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) French Vanilla is the most expensive of all the vanilla extracts to produce. Being an excellent aromatic stimulant and tasting very good, it is often added to dessert treats for its delightful flavor and pleasing scent. Vanilla stimulates sexual activity and is therefore considered to be an aphrodisiac. It calms the nerves and elevates the mood to joyful. Vanilla was used in Mexico by the Aztecs in earlier times as a flavor for a food and allowed only to royalty. Vanilla can be used in times of anxiety, low-grade fever and joint pains. Vanilla Bean is in the recipe for the 69% Twilight83% MidnightAmazonianCoco NibbyIndia SunsetMylkSun SweetTruth Truffles, and White Passion Sacred Chocolate bars; Tahitian and Madagascar Vanilla brings its exotic flavor and energy to the Arctic Chi Truffle, the Ixcacao Truffle, the Jubilee Truffle, the Lavender Blue TrufflePurple Rose TruffleSacred Fire Truffle, and the Tangerina Truffle.

Wintergreen is a tree native to North America with numerous health benefits and a delightful sweet distinctive mint flavor. Wintergreen is used for pains in muscles and joints, and is known as a tonic for pain, anti rheumatic, anti arthritic, anti spasmodic, anti septic, astringent, diuretic, emmenagogue and stimulant. Several Native American tribes used wintergreen as a tea for colds and flu and as a poultice for arthritis. The active constituent found in the leaves and berries is methyl salicylate, and is closely related to salicylic acid. Wintergreen is a favoring for mints and treats; methyl salicylate absorbs ultraviolet waves and can emit light when sparked with sugar. Wintergreen lends its cool zest to the Arctic Chi Truffle.

Yerba Mate is widely cultivated and prized as a delicious, gently energizing herbal tea in the holly family. The flavor of the natural leaf is herbaceous and somewhat like green tea. It is yerba mate's tough, leathery leaves that are used medicinally and as a natural, refreshing tea beverage throughout South America. Yerba mate is indigenous to Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The wild plant has a distinct aroma and taste. The main actions of yerba mate are its fat burning, appetite suppressing, blood cleansing and digestion stimulating. Yerba mate is also known to fight free radicals, to enhance memory, to relieve pain, enhance immunity and to promote perspiration. Yerba mate is comprised of xanthine alkaloids (caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline), and saponins and contains 15 amino acids as well as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Saponins are known to stimulate the immune system. Yerba Mate flavors and powers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Fruit and Chilies

Acai berries grow in Central and South America on a thin palm tree. Acai was first used by tribes in the Amazon for various medicinal purposes, among them the ability to build and strengthen the immune system, fight infection, protect the heart, and as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. Acai was also revered as an energy food, and traditionally pulped to make wine. Acai contains omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamins A and C and calcium and iron. The acai berry is extremely high in antioxidants and anthocyanin, rich in protein fiber, vitamin E and iron. It is reported that acai helps promote vascular and digestive functions. Acai is naturally low in sugar and the flavor is described as a mixture of red wine and chocolate. It has been reported that acai reduces cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Acai adds zest and healing power to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Bananas are a delightful sweet yellow creamy fruit that are loved by monkeys - everyone knows that. What is less known is that bananas contain tryptophan - which is a protein that converts into serotonin - the hormone that increases happiness and lightens mood. Perhaps this light mood has given the banana peel its role in slapstick humor. Seriously, bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6, iron and potassium. Bananas, unlike any other fruit, come from large perennial herb plants and are related to the lily and orchid. As the banana ripens the plant falls to the ground, and a new plant begins the cycle once more. Research is showing that bananas are helpful for stomach ulcers acting as an antacid and offering a protease inhibitor, which can kill harmful ulcer causing bacteria. Banana is an essential happiness and mood-lifting ingredient in Sacred Chocolate's Cheeky Monkey Truffle.

Blueberries grow on bushy shrub that is cultivated as well as growing wild. Native Americans and early settlers used blueberries as a big part of their diet and as a medicine. Blueberries have a special pigment, which makes them one of the few naturally blue foods for humans. Health benefits include anti-aging with anti-oxidants, and anthocyanin (the pigment of blue) - they are marvelous for eyes and vision and can prevent or delay age related ocular problems. Nutritionally, blueberries support eye health with cartenoids, flavonoids, vitamin C, E, and A, selenium, zinc and phosphorous. Blueberries are great for urinary tract infection due to their anti biotic properties. The anthocyanin, selenium, and vitamins and minerals in blueberries can prevent and heal neurotic disorders and prevent degeneration of brain-cells by restoring the health of the central nervous system. Thus blueberries are also an excellent memory boost resource. Blueberries contain certain compounds like pterostilbene (excellent remedy for colon and liver cancer) and ellagic acid which, in harmony with anthocyanin and other anti oxidants like vitamin-C and copper, can prevent and cure cancer. Laboratory studies show that phenolic compounds in blueberries can inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation and induce apoptosis (programmed cell death). Wild blueberries bring exquisite flavor to Sacred Chocolate's Lavender Blue Truffle.

Camu Camu is a citrusy flavorful and healing berry. "Native to the South American rainforest, the camu camu berry is the highest natural source of vitamin C that we currently know of on the planet. Traditionally, camu camu berry is used to support the immune system, maintain excellent eyesight, rebuild damaged tissues, purify the blood, create beautiful skin, defend against viral infections, aid healthy liver function, boost energy, support strong collagen, tendons and ligaments, decrease inflammation, improve respiratory (lung) health, and help maintain optimal clarity of mind in times of stress and anxiety. The camu camu berry is also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and amino acids." p. 241 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Camu camu adds zest to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cherries are a delightful stone fruit, and excellent addition to any chocolate confection. "Cherries are one of the best food sources of iron. Cherries are also a great source of antioxidants as well. The dark red pigments and flavourful sugars of fresh cherries make wonderful additions to your cacao cuisine. Yet the most incredible thing about cherries is their abnormally high concentration of the tryptamine, melatonin. As cacao naturally synergizes and activates tryptamines, we find deep spiritual and psychoactive significance in this combination." p. 112 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Bing Cherries grow in North America, Australia and Europe; commonly known as red cherries, Bing cherries are round, big, sweet, and with a deep red skin that turns nearly black when ripe. Their powerful antioxidants successfully fight free radicals making it a favorite for delicious good health; Bing cherries are also known to reduce arthritic inflammation and pain. Rainier cherries are especially large, sweet cherries from Washington. Rainier Cherries are loved for their distinctive flavor, and several nations, including Japan, import large amounts of Rainier cherries. Rainier cherries have a superb flavor, a tender creamy texture, and delightful sweetness. Rainier also have similar health benefits as other cherries. Bing and Rainier Cherries delightfully give magic to Sacred Chocolate's Jubilee Truffle.

Incan Berries (aka golden berries, gooseberries) are larger than a raisin and yellowish orange with a flavor like sweet and sour lemon drops. "Incan berries grow wild in mineral-rich soils all over the Peruvian Andes. They are an ancient food, one of the 'lost crops of the Incas,' and highly prized in Peru.... Their robustness and adaptability confer adaptogenic qualities to the fruit. This means that when we eat Incan berries they help us to adapt to different forms of physical, mental, and emotional stress.... Incan berries are an excellent source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, phosphorous, and protein. Remember they exceed goji berries as one of the most protein-rich fruits at nearly 16 percent by dry weight." pp. 237-238 (David Wolfe, Superfoods) The health benefits of the Incan berries are intestinal and immune system fortifying, with anti-sclerotic, antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antioxidant properties. Incan Berries lend their tangy flavor and strength to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.


Lemon Essential Oil has a delightful sunny flavor that adds light and energy to any recipe. The many health benefits of lemon oil include its stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. Lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world and is used for culinary purposes as it is a good source of vitamins and helps in digestion. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness. Lemon essential oil shines in the White Passion Sacred Chocolate bar.

Limes are a delightful citrus with a beautiful herby flavor that enhances both savory and sweet dishes. Historically, limes were used by sailors to prevent scurvy. With health properties characteristic of all citrus fruits, limes are powerhouses in health and flavor. Lime zest is an ingredient that enlivens the Ajaya Truffle.

Mango is a delightful tropical fruit. "The mango refers to the fantastic fruit of India's favorite tree.  More people on earth have eaten mangos than apples. The mango has antiviral, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties. Mango, like papaya, adds the wonderful fruitiness of the tropics to all your cacao concoctions." p. 115 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Sun-ripened mango powder sweetens and adorns Sacred Chocolate's Yellow Tara Truffle.

Minneola Tangelo is a citrus fruit that is a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo. The tangerine is a small citrus that is sweet and easy to peel and the pomelo is an extra sweet ancient variety of grapefruit. Minneola tangelo zest brings the flavors together in Sacred Chocolate's Tangerina Truffle.

Oranges are a traditional Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity, also known to bring sweet fresh fruity citrus delight alone as well as in many recipes. Orange oil is known as an antibiotic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, calmative, sedative, digestive stimulant, and as a tonic. Sweet blossom orange oil brings additional delight to the recipe for Tangerina Truffle.

Tangerine oil brings a sweet, light, tangy flavor and a soothing action on the nervous system. Tangerine oil is a tonic to the vascular system so assists with soothing limbs. This essential oil is also an antiseptic, antispasmodic, and sedative. Tangerine oil gives its delightful sweetness to Sacred Chocolate's Tangerina Truffle.

Chilies are a non-sweet fruit and hot pepper plant with many passionate fans. "Universally popular throughout Central America from ancient times to the present is the addition of spicy, hot peppers (Capsicum annum) to chocolate. Ground, dried chilies were part of the Mayan sacred drink. Ground, powdered chili pepper is now often called cayenne. The sulfur-rich components of hot peppers (cayenne) dilate capillaries allowing cacao and all its goodies to reach the cells more easily." p. 107(David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked ChocolateAncho (AHN-choh) chili peppers are mild mature poblanos with reddish black color dried peppers commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Morita peppers are the hot robust smoky chipotles from northern Mexico - Morita is Spanish for blackberry or black raspberry - and this pepper is usually redder in color. Guajilo (gwah-HEE-yoh) are smooth shiny reddish-brown moderately hot chilies with a slightly fruity strong pine under taste. Pasilla (puh-SEE-yuh) are mildly hot, long, black dried chilies, which are a standard ingredient in mole with a berry flavor and herby tones. Chipotle (chuh-POT-lay) peppers with their earthy smoky spiciness are smoked hot jalapenos from southern Mexico, also known as chili meco or tipico, chipotle are more brown than the red smoked morita. Traditional smoking is over a wood fire at the end of the growing season as the jalapenos turn from green to red. Balinese Long Pepper inhabits the mountainous central highlands of Bali and is harvested form the wild forest. An earthy pungency, sweet hint of cardamom and nutmeg and floral bouquet all give the Balinese Long Pepper its reputation--as once hailed by Romans as the ultimate pepper spice. Balinese Long Pepper gives its beauty and power to the Ajaya Truffle. Ancho, morita, guajillo, pasilla, and chipotle chilies lend their zesty heat to the Sacred Fire Truffle.

Nuts and Seeds

Amazonian Jungle Peanuts are beautiful raw heirloom legumes from the rain forests of Ecuador with a pure rich flavor. Wild cultivated and harvested, Amazonian Jungle Peanuts have been a favorite of the Shuar Indians for hundreds of years. Amazonian Jungle Peanuts have a golden brown skin with red stripes and a smooth buttery flavor. Jungle peanuts have 40% oleic acid and are a heart healthy food with all eight essential amino acids, a good source of calcium and iron. Amazonian Jungle Peanuts give exquisite creamy flavor and body to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Brazil Nuts come from a South American tree indigenous to Guiana, Brazil, Venezuela, Eastern Columbia, Eastern Peru and Eastern Bolivia. Brazil nuts help to protect against heart disease, cancer and thyroid problems. The specialty of the Brazil nut is selenium, an essential trace element that has been show to help protect against cancer, heart disease and premature aging. The flavonoids content of these nuts helps to battle against development of cancer. Studies show that those who live in areas with high concentrations of selenium in the soil suffer less heart disease. Human platelets contain more selenium than any other tissues, which suggest that high concentrations of selenium in platelets may help prevent blood clots. Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of selenium, and the thyroid depends on selenium to function properly. Selenium is a component of the enzyme that helps convert thyroxine, the less active thyroid hormone, to the active one, triiodothyronine. Eating Brazil nuts will help convert this and may be helpful for anyone taking conventional thyroid medication. Brazil nuts give taste and body to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cashews bring creamy body and sweetness to the Sacred Chocolate recipes. "Cacao has great synergy with many nuts and seeds. Perhaps cacao's favourite nut is the cashew. The cashew, like cacao, is the seed of the fruit of an American jungle tree. The cashew, like cacao, is high in magnesium. Cashews are loved by many probably because they contain more sugars (carbohydrates) than other nuts." p. 107 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) Cashews merge with cacao to bring flavor and body to the Amazonian, to India Sunset, and to the White Passion Sacred Chocolate bars.

Coconut is a delightful addition to many of the Sacred Chocolate bars as a butter and as a nutmeat. "Coconut and cacao love each other." p.108 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) "Coconut oil/butter is the oil from the mature, hard coconut flesh. Coconut oil contains antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It has the highest level of energy of any oil and the least calories. It also requires the least amount of liver strength to digest. Coconut oil is a fantastic builder of hormones -- especially progesterone and testosterone. Progesterone and testosterone tend to help increase biological levels of the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. [David Wolfe and Shazzie] recommend coconut oil as a standard additional to any cacao drink or treat." p. 108 (David Wolfe & Shazzie, Naked Chocolate) "Coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and amino acids, supports cardiovascular health, contains healthy anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial saturated fatty acids, improves the utilization of blood sugar, and can lessen the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Coconut oil is also a powerful antioxidant. It helps the body use Omega 3 fatty acids nearly twice as efficiently, displaces toxic hydrogenated trans fatty acids (e.g. partially hydrogenated soybean oil); regulates and supports healthy hormone production, contains a precursor to the anti-aging compounds known as pregnenolone, and DHEA; aids in weight loss, and helps to provide long-term energy." p. 247 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Coconut and/or coconut oil bring flavor and creamy delight to the AmazonianCoco NibbyIndia SunsetSun SweetTruth Truffles, and White Passion Sacred Chocolate bars.

Pecans are the only native American tree nut. They are nutrient dense with a host of vitamins, minerals, and fiber including potassium and vitamin E. An 18% protein content makes pecans a good choice for a plant-based diet. Pecans contain a significant amount of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E and landmark research shows that antioxidant-rich pecans are in the top category of foods that contain the highest antioxidant capacity and are significant in relation to conditions such as coronary heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Pecans are a food containing high plant sterols, which are known for their cholesterol-lowering ability. Pecans bring healthy nutty delight to Sacred Chocolate's Cheeky Monkey Truffle.

Purple Corn is an astounding addition to any diet. "Amongst all the various colors of the corn in the world (white, yellow red, purple, brown, green and blue), there is a purple corn that has been cultivated in South America for thousands of years. Generally grown in Peru, this purple corn is one of nature's richest sources of at least six different anthocyanin antioxidants -- even more than blueberries. This purple corn has been used extensively as a staple food and a natural coloring dye. There are very few purple plants to be found in nature, so if you want to eat a true rainbow diet, this purple corn extract is a helpful and tasty addition. This product is created by juicing the purple corn, then slowly, at low temperatures, evaporating off the liquid in the juice until this pure powder remains. Purple corn extract is a wonderful addition to smoothies, cacao/chocolate parties, cacao/chocolate drinks, alchemical raw-food recipes, and dressings. The kernels can be soaked and ground up into a meal-like form and used as an "original" version of cornmeal." p. 285 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Purple corn empowers the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.

Sacha Inchi Nuts come from the Peruvian region and has been known to the Incas for thousands of years. The nuts or seeds contain an unusually high level of oils, which are very high in the heart-healthy omega-3s. They are also rich in protein and essential amino acids. Sacha Inchi has a mild, nutty almond-like flavor. They are good for the heart, for joints, for bones and for mental health. Sacha Inchi nuts lend body, power, and flavor to the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar.


"Rich in polysaccharides and super immune enhancing components, medicinal mushrooms are one of the most intelligent adaptogenic herb/superfoods on the planet! Most of the famous medicinal mushrooms grow in trees, with the exception of insect-eating cordyceps. Some of the top medicinal mushrooms and their extracts include Reishi, Agaricus, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Trametes Versicolor (PSP and PSK), Lion's Mane, and Chaga. The medicinal mushrooms contain dozens of compounds that help increase the weapons and cleansing agents available to the immune system, and also detoxify the body of certain synthetic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastics. Medicinal mushrooms also contain a high content of the immune system supporting, connective-tissue building, joint healing, and skin youthening molecules known as beta glucans and other Ormus containing polysaccharides. Medicinal Mushrooms have been proven effective in treating cancer as well as a variety of other ailments." p. 269 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program)

Chaga mushrooms grow primarily on birch trees in the temperate regions of the world. "Chaga contains the highest amount of anti-tumor compounds of any medicinal mushroom known, especially in the form of betullinic acid, which is a powerful anti-mutagenic compound. Chaga is unique in the medicinal mushroom family in that its beneficial compounds can be easily and directly absorbed through simply eating it (no hot water extraction is required). Chaga is also extremely high in vital phytochemicals, nutrients, free-radical scavenging antioxidants, and melanin. Chaga is known in Siberian shamanism as the "King of the Mushrooms." p. 243 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Chaga gives amazing healing energy and flavor to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Turkey Tail (trametes versicolor) is a brightly colored medicinal mushroom, which is a common inhabitant of the woods - worldwide. Many scientific studies affirm the powerful immune supporting properties of the Turkey tail mushroom. There is very good evidence that it contains chemicals that can shrink tumors without side effects. Turkey tail has a subtle sweet flavor. Turkey Tail gives healing energy and flavors the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Reishi (ree'-she) is an amazing and essential medicinal mushroom. "One of the biggest mysteries and most elusive healing mushrooms in the world, reishi (also called "spirit mushroom") is sometimes considered the number one herb in traditional Chinese medicine, where it has been used and revered with success for over four millennia! Reishi is an all-around tonic herb, meaning that one can consume it every day to support immune function, calm the nervous system, restore physical and mental vigor, and help the body maintain overall equilibrium, regardless of the condition. This immune-boosting action also works wonders in the detoxification of carcinogens by slowing down tumor growth and helping immune cells bind to tumor cells. Reishi is also particularly beneficial for healing respiratory conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, and lung damage. Reishi has been proven effective in aiding in the healing of liver disorders, hypertension, arthritis, and has also been studied to possess anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Reishi mushroom is said to elevate the spirit and promote peace of mind by transforming negative energy in the body in the same way that the mushroom transforms decayed material on the ground into life-giving nourishment." p. 287 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Reishi is much researched in Japan and the wisdom of the use of this mushroom comes to us originally from ancient Chinese medicine. Recent investigation of Reishi indicates it works with the body cells to produce a substance known as interferon. Interferon is a potent, protective, natural protein. It is produced by body cells that have been invaded by a virus; they, in turn, produce the interferon, which prevents healthy cells from being invaded. Reishi is used in cases of chronic fatigue and for tumors, cancer, hypertension (high blood pressure) and immune disorders, including those that fit the pattern described as AIDS. Reishi is one of the incredibly powerful healing properties in the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Maitake (Hen of the Woods) is a favorite among herbalists. "Maitake is best known for its ability to detoxify carcinogens, as it contains beta glucan polysaccharides, which have been found to promote natural cell growth and energize the cellular immune system to an astounding degree. However, the health benefits of maitake are not limited to these two traits. Maitake supports the healing of a broad spectrum of conditions including: helping protect the liver in handling chemical toxins; reversing hepatitis B; fighting blood, stomach, and bone cell mutation; lowering blood pressure and blood lipid levels (two key risk factors in cardiovascular disease); aiding digestion in the stomach and intestines; and, finally, providing nutritional support by enhancing the colon's ability to absorb micronutrients, especially copper and zinc." p. 268 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Maitake gives amazing healing energy and flavor to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Shiitake is a healing mushroom. "A powerful immune-supporting medicinal tree mushroom, shiitake contains a free radical fighting polysaccharide compound called Lentinan, which appears to stimulate immune-system cells to clear the body of the tumor cells. Shiitake mushroom has also been extensively studied and proven efficient in lowering bad cholesterol. What's more, shiitake appears to be effective against some of the more serious viruses we face today, including HIV and hepatitis B. Not only has relief of symptoms from these conditions been found, but an actual complete inactivation of these viruses been documented." p. 289 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Shiitake adds amazing healing energy and flavor to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Cordyceps is a staple among the medicinal mushrooms. "A highly revered and valued tonic longevity herb for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, cordyceps is an immune-supporting medicinal mushroom known for its ability to help increase stamina, energy, and endurance levels. Cordyceps was recently brought to public attention by a Chinese Olympic team, who attested their record-breaking runs to the use of this mushroom. Traditionally, cordyceps is used to improve various immune compromised conditions including: chronic fatigue, sexual impotence, free-radical damage, lung problems (especially asthma), and weak kidneys." p. 248 (David Wolfe's Longevity NOW Program) Cordyceps is one of the power ingredients of the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Himematsutake (also Sun Mushroom, God's Mushroom, & Agaricus Blazei Murill) is a mushroom native to Brazil, and has been used in Brazilian folk healing as well as being exported to Japan. Himematsutake is an edible and nutritious mushroom, which is particularly rich in polysaccharides and powerful immunostimulants (beta glucans) in higher doses than both Reishi and Shiitake. This mushroom is sweet in taste with the fragrance of almonds, which is due to the presence of benzaldenhyde, benzyl alcohol, benzonitrile, and methyl benzoate. Himematsutake gives amazing healing energy and flavor to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Mesima (also Black Hoof) is common on broadleaf trees in the southern United States and other sub-tropical and tropical parts of the world. Mesima often grows on oaks, mulberries and poplars. Mesima extract has been used in Korea to prevent the recurrence of cancer - as studies have shown that the mycelium of Mesima has a wider spectrum activity and anti-tumor effects than polysaccharides from other species of mushrooms. In addition the highest rate of tumor inhibition Mesima also helps the rapid recovery of the immune system after chemotherapy. Medicinal mushroom expert Paul Stamets notes that Mesima has beneficial effect on bacteria, viruses, inflammation, and numerous forms of cancer. Mesima adds health and vitality to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Oyster Mushrooms are grown and harvested mainly as an edible food enjoyed for its fruity aroma and robust oyster and anise-like taste. The scent of anise is due to the presence of benzaldehyde, which also smells like almonds. Cultivated oyster mushrooms are sweet tasting and have a subtle flavoring. The Oyster mushroom may be considered a medicinal mushroom since it contains statins, which work to reduce cholesterol. The oyster is one of the more commonly sought wild edible mushrooms. Oyster Mushrooms give energy, flavor and body to the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Lion's Mane has long been treasured in Japan and China as a culinary delicacy and as an important medicinal mushroom. Japanese scientists have confirmed the many diverse and important biological activities of Lion's Mane.  Recent research has shown that Lion's Mane stimulates the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and promotes the process of myelination. This helps brain dysfunction associated with dementia and Alzheimer's.  Research has also shown very positive results in other neurological disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder. Additional benefits include relieving fatigue, infertility, and ulcers. Lion's Mane is one of the many powerful ingredients in the Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate bar.

Precious Minerals and Natural Salt

Gold is a precious mineral that has Ormus power. 24-Carat Gold Leaf adorns and brings its mysterious energy to Sacred Chocolate's Sacred Fire Truffle.

Natural Salt - a variety of natural salts bring alchemy and cohesion to Sacred Chocolate's recipes. Red Hawaiian Alaea is the traditional Hawaiian sea salt used to season and preserve. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in seawater. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay (‘Alae) enriches the salt with iron-oxide. Bolivian Rose Salt is hand harvested from the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. Ancient sea salt deposits were covered with volcanic lava creating this high mineral salt and protecting it from pollution. The light rose and orange color of Bolivian Rose makes it gorgeous when presented in a clear salt shaker or mill. Wildcrafted Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is harvested from the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. Having formed over the last 250 million years, it is an amazingly pure salt-untouched by pollutants and toxins. Himalayan salt is naturally rich in many nutrients and elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. Himalayan salt is used to enrich food and is loved in a relaxing mineral bath to rejuvenate skin and body. Andean Salt is one of the prizes of the Andes Mountain range - its array of color is in rose, orange, and gray and is varied in texture and flavor as well.  Bolivian Gray Salt is hand-harvested and hand-processed and has a rich pure taste and a wealth of minerals. Andean Salt is in the recipe for the Amazonian Sacred Chocolate bar. Bolivian Rose Salt brings its amazing alchemy to Sacred Chocolate's Lavender Blue Truffle. Wildcrafted Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is in the recipe for the Truth TrufflesArctic Chi TruffleIxcacao TruffleJubilee Truffle, and for the Sacred Chocolate Coco NibbyImmuno MushroomIndia Sunset, and White Passion bars. Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt brings its fine taste to the Tangerina Truffle and to the Yellow Tara Truffle.


Theobroma Cacao, Cacao Beans, Cacao Nibs, and Cacao Butter: Cacao - in the form of beans, of nibs, of butter, and paste is Sacred Chocolate's favorite ingredient. With the exception of White Passion - every Sacred Heart and every truffle is imbibed with each of these three components of cacao. White Passion has the cacao butter without the darkness of the cacao beans or nibs. "Cacao is the seed (nut) of the fruit of an Amazonian tree from which all chocolate in the world comes (also known as cocoa). The raw cacao bean is one of nature's most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique and varied properties.... Cacao is the number one source of magnesium of any food on the planet, contains 314% of the US RDA of iron per serving, contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world, and is also exceptionally rich in chromium, anandamide (the bliss chemical), theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega 6 fatty acids, PEA, tryptophan, serotonin, and more. Cacao beans contain no sugar, and between 12% and 50% fat depending on variety and growth conditions. Due to its extraordinary concentration of PEA and magnesium, cacao is likely the single greatest weight loss food. Cacao contains even more minerals and molecules that actually shut off the appetite. Contrary to popular opinion, cacao contains very little (if any) caffeine.  It has been clinically demonstrated by Dr. Gabriel Cousens that cacao does not elevate blood sugar in the same way as a caffeine containing food or beverage. Cacao is also a highly effective natural energy enhancer and aphrodisiac. Raw cacao is available in whole bean, nib, powder, butter and paste form. Cacao is also now available within products created by a brand new industry: the raw chocolate revolution.  Simply put, raw chocolate is the best food ever!" p.239 (Longevity NOW) "Cacao beans are simply the seed of the cacao fruit. They may be referred to as cacao beans, cacao seeds, cacao nuts, chocolate seeds, chocolate beans or cacao nibs -- all mean the same thing.... As you peel the cacao bean, it may crumble into nibs, this is no cause for alarm, the bean is still of high quality." p. 21-29 (Naked Chocolate)

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