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Is coconut sugar any better than regular sugar?  Read this article to find out.

Ingredient Glossary
Ingredient Glossary
The Agave Blues by David Wolfe
The Sweetener Wars are heating up. Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” have come forward listing agave as the worst “bandito” of all sweeteners — a claim reminding me of the “Most Wanted” posters of Mexican criminals I would see whenever I crossed the border between San Diego and Tijuana as a child.
White Chocolate
Many people ask me if white chocolate is really chocolate. The answer is yes and no.
Proper Sacred Chocolate Storage

Sacred Chocolate has an 18 to 24 month shelf life depending on the flavor. A "Best By" month and year will appear on the label.

Why Sacred Chocolate is Sweetened With Maple

Maple sugar has the aroma of a Canadian forest in full bloom... and the particular flavor of maple creates a beautiful dance with the complex flavors of the Arriba Nacional cacao beans from Ecuador that we use.

However, little has been known about the health benefits of maple, until now!

Understanding Antioxidants & ORAC
Antioxidants are found in Nature in compounds that are particularly rich in hydrogen and excess electrons. These hydrogen-rich and electron-rich compounds are usually visible to our eye as pigments of color in plants.
Sacred Chocolate Technical Specifications

Sacred Chocolate® has been tested by an independent laboratory and proven to have approximately twice the antioxidant level (as measured by an ORAC test) of chocolate at the same cacao solids content that has been traditionally roasted, cooked and/or milled or processed at high temperature. 

Certifications & Associations
Sacred Chocolate, LLC pushes the boundaries by following the strictest standards.
Sacred Chocolate Awards
Sacred Chocolate has received many awards.