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Review: Sacred Foods Raw Coconut Butter
Written by Evita Ochel  on Dec 5, 2010

Sacred Foods Stone Ground Gourmet Coconut ButterThe coconut butter comes in a glass jar. Upon opening the jar, the delicious aroma of fresh, natural coconuts hit my senses. The product is pure white and has a smooth, velvety texture. Depending on the temperature, it can be hard like butter, a soft solid, or under high temperatures a liquid. The product recommends that it is stored in the refrigerator after being opened, however this will make it harder to spread or work with. I knew that mine would be used in a relatively short period of time, and thus kept it out of the fridge, without it spoiling in any way over a 4 week period.

For my first taste, I took some on a spoon and just let it melt in my mouth. Honestly, if you love coconuts, this product is like a delicious, out-of-this-world trip for the taste and smell senses. The product does not contain anything but pure coconut, and thus it is not sweetened in any way. This makes for a smooth coconut taste, with a subtle hint of a sweet flavor.

The product spreads easily on other food, when at room temperature. It can make a delicious and healthy alternative to nut butters on high quality bread, like Ezekiel. It can be eaten on its own, or used in various raw food dessert recipes and even sauces. In fact, you can get as creative with this product as you like in the kitchen.

The coconut butter is also quite unlike any other, as on top of being raw, vegan and 100% organic, it is slowly stone ground for several days to bring out the pure, silky, delicious product that it is. And to top it off, it is made with love and gratitude. (It actually says so on the bottle, and I have no doubt given Steve’s mission in life.)

In conclusion, this is a fantastic product for anyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of a high quality raw coconut product, that is a pleasure to use and delicious to eat!

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David Wolfe sends Joe Polish some Sacred Chocolate
January 28, 2010
, Joe Polish

Sweet & Healthy
January, 13 2010, Candy Industry

Sweet of the Week: Sacred Chocolate

“Naked Chocolate” author David Wolfe is the party responsible for the creation of Sacred Chocolate from Sacred Foods, which produces more than 22 varieties of certified organic, raw, vegan, stone-ground chocolate. The company’s newest introductions are Mylk, a dark chocolate that tastes like milk chocolate; White Passion, the only raw vegan white chocolate in the world; and India Sunset, a chai-curry flavor. The suggested retail price for a 2.1-oz. bar is $9.99. (originally posted here)

Sunday Smorgasbord: Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason
Janine Kahn, Food Fests, Apr. 14 2008

San Francisco Blog Vegan Mylk Raw Chocolate

Salon Fave #4 - Vegan Milk by Sacred Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® founder Steve Adler says when he's not sun gazing, he prays over every batch. Nothing like good vibes singing through your chocolate, eh? The Vegan Milk bar (or heart, in this case) is light, rich and creamy. For the true purists who like it dark, there's the whole bean cacao bar with skins.

Aside: Sacred Chocolate's®' products are heart-shaped because the brand was originally called Sacred Heart Chocolate. (originally posted here)

Sacred Chocolate®... mmmm
Laura Malesich Apr 27 2008

To many people, chocolate is already a spiritual experience as it lifts your mood, satiates your emotions and heightens your sensuality. Take the raw quality of chocolate, or cacao, and all its glorious elements made in a vegan, and organic fashion and you've got Sacred Chocolate®. The pinnacle of chocolate bars with 70%, 80%, 90%, 99% and 100% cacao, Sacred Chocolate is combined with maple sugar to give it a luxurious quality of taste. Although a new brand on the market Sacred is bound to please most any palate -- as long as you are willing to pay $9 or so per bar. (originally posted here)

IJ Weekend: Indulge your dark side with upscale chocolates
Leslie Harlib, Feb 13th 2008

"Chocolates are also going green, organic and raw. Steve Adler, whose line called Sacred Chocolate®, made in San Rafael, launched in 2006, now turns out up to 15,000 bars a month. Sacred bars are made from beans (with their skins) grown in Ecuador and roasted at 114 degrees so they retain their enzymes as a raw food. The bars range in cacao content from 60 percent to 100 percent. He sweetens only with organic maple syrup. All bars are made with skin-on beans. One bar is flavored with organic black sage harvested in Marin."

Adler sees chocolate as a "super food. When it's eaten in its raw form, it's actually an appetite suppressant." (originally posted here)

Image: Fairfax's Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolate® displayed his raw, organic bars at the first International Chocolate Salon in July 2007 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. (Provided by Steve Adler)

Chocolate for Valentine's Day?
Mike Adams, Feb 06 2008

This Year, Choose Real Cacao Superfoods, Not Processed Chocolate Candy

"Sacred Chocolate® - Created by Steve Adler, a minister, all Sacred Chocolate® is blessed with prayer and positive intention. The ingredients are sustainable, nutritious and delicious! It uses the whole cacao bean, including the skin. (originally posted here)

Thinking about Artisan Chocolate
Blog on the 2007 San Francisco Chocolate Salon, CacaoLab July 21 2007

In the same room was Sacred Chocolate®, a California company claiming to be making chocolate from raw, unhulled cacao beans. Supposedly, this preserves some nutrients in the chocolate. I’m a teeny bit suspicious, because the chocolate, while definitely raw tasting, seemed too uniform to have the hull incorporated. The hull fats are basically incompatible with the cocoa butter in the nib, and that should yield a less smooth texture. (Not to mention the moisture control and microbiological problems inherent in unroasted cacao.) I’m going to investigate this company a little more in the future. (originally posted here)

[Sacred Steve says "“that is exactly what makes Sacred Chocolate so special…it takes a long time to grind the SKINS/HUSKS of the bean into our fine chocolate.  Most chocolate makers are just not willing to take the time, or they don’t understand the nutritional value of those skins!  Or, perhaps they are working with skins that are just too filthy to include…”]

Sexy Chocolate Review! This guy has my thumb way way up!
Angelina Elliott, Angelina's Sensational Blog, Oct 16th, 2009

I ordered some of Steven Adler's Sacred chocolate a couple of days ago and it finally found its way into my mouth this morning. I very carefully unwrapped a gorgeous silver heart called WHITE PASSION, as if I don't have enough passion in my heart, and bit into it not like a mouse, but like a hungry dog! Oh my God, I think I just might have found heaven on earth. This smooth, white chocolate was so divine, I took another bite and another and another until it was completely devoured. Usually with chocolates by the second bite, I am finished, but this one was especially sexy, creamy, and outrageously tasty. I will be ordering again and again! This guy is the Willy Wonka of chocolate. (Originally Posted Here)

Taste Test, Cacao Ka-Pow
Veg News, Jan 2009

Veg News Taste Test Sacred Chocolate

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