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Sacred Chocolate Listed in Yoga Journal's Must-Haves
Sacred Chocolate is honored to be listed as a Yoga Journal Editor's Must-Haves!
Sacred Chocolate on Fox News
Carol Alt and David Wolfe discuss Raw Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health on Fox News.
Sacred Chocolate Voted Best Chocolatier in Marin by Bohemian Readers
Sacred Chocolate Voted Best Chocolatier in Marin by Bohemian Readers
Marin Magazine Features Sacred Chocolate
Marin Magazine Features Sacred Chocolate as a go to vendor for GREEN Halloween.
Sacred Chocolate is featured in CCOF Magazine
Sacred Chocolate is honored to be featured in CCOF Magazine!
The Sweet Smell of Chocolate: Sweat, Cabbage and Beef

The new discipline of "sensomics" is helping to find ways to make chocolate even tastier.

Sacred Chocolate in Delicious Living Magazine
Sacred Chocolate in Delicious Living Magazine
Theobroma Cacao Named "Reforestation Species"
"National Greening Program, has now classified coffee and cacao as "reforestation species" in its efforts to plant 1.5 billion trees in some 1.5 million hectares by 2016"
Sorry Boys, Most Women Prefer Chocolate to Sex...
Forget economic Armageddon. There's a real crisis looming. The price for raw chocolate has soared and experts are now predicting there could be a shortage in the coming years. For most women, chocolate is a more essential ingredient for a happy life than sex....And one-in-five women would go without sex before she'd go without chocolate. Of course there is an upside for at least 50% of the population if a scary chocolate shortage does come to pass. Without a chocolate fix to sate them, the majority of women will just have to indulge more in their second-favourite activity.
Sacred Chocolate Bon-Bon Truffles are Topped with Rose Petals, Mango Powder and Even 24 Carat Gold
And once you've had really, really good chocolate, you can never go back to plain chocolate....And when you want the best of the best in the world of fine chocolate, there's truly nothing quite like Sacred Chocolate....This makes an amazing gift for anyone special in your life, and it contains what is certainly the most unique and complex chocolate flavors you've probably ever encountered.
Archeologists Unveil Evidence of Chocolate Use
New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes a rare find: One-thousand-year-old evidence of chocolate (theobromine cacao) being used by indigenous populations in what is now the Southwest region of the United States.
Sacred Chocolate in the News
Various Media Appearances, Reviews and Testimonials about Sacred Chocolate
The Raw, Tasty Truth about Natural Chocolate
There seems to be a palate evolution with chocolate consumption, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve graduated to the next step. First there was drugstore-quality milk chocolate in all of its trick-or-treat incarnations: individual kisses, snuggled against peanut butter, pressed against caramel and nougat or sprinkled with peanuts or almonds.