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What makes Sacred Chocolate® different from other chocolate?

From our proprietary processes, equipment, and formulations, to our belief in and knowledge of the natural super-food properties of raw chocolate and its ability to act as a delivery vehicle for the world’s most powerful healing herbs, many things make Sacred Chocolate® special.  What makes Sacred Chocolate really special is that it is low temperature processed or "raw".  We slowly stone grind our cacao beans at low temperature (below 115 degrees F) for many days in order to maximize the antioxidants and natural nutrient density in the raw cacao bean. As a result, our chocolate has been lab tested and found to contain DOUBLE the antioxidant level of cooked or roasted chocolate of the same cacao content. (Twice the Antioxidants) (Nutritional Lab Report).  Our ingredients are always RAW where possible and always of the highest quality in terms of nutritional content, flavor, and food safety.

Sacred chocolate uses healthier sweeteners such as organic maple sugar, erythritol and inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke).  The primary sweetener used is natural, low glycemic, highly mineralized organic maple sugar from sustainable forests. Maple is a wild crop!  Did you know it actually takes 30 years before a maple tree can be tapped for its sugar?  Maple has superior flavor and smells like a Canadian forest in full bloom.  A recent study points to the benefits of maple in regards to helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Our medicinal line of chocolates, which include such bars as the AMAZONIAN and IMMUNO MUSHROOM, also include the phytonutrient rich skin of the cacao bean in the finished chocolate.  The skin adds a fruity complexity to the chocolate and has incredible super nutrition, analogous to the skin of a cucumber or orange.  Currently, we are the only company in the world taking the extra steps necessary to be able to do this.

Our special proprietary process is best at bringing out the natural terrior dependent flavor of the raw cacao bean.  As a result, Sacred Chocolate has won the “BEST OF RAW” award for raw chocolate three years in a row (2008, 2009, 2010) and most recently in 2014 for our Longevity Bliss chocolate bar.

Sacred Chocolate is truly the marriage of artisanal flavor and superior nutrition. is hand made with love and gratitude in a small custom designed, certified organic, vegan, carbon balanced factory in Marin County, California. We are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate.  Sacred Chocolate® supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. (

Sacred Chocolate® is a certified Organic, Vegan, artisanal chocolate bar made with whole RAW cacao beans, including the nutritious skins.   Sacred Chocolate® is always slowly stone ground at low temperature to ensure that the heat sensitive naturally occurring antioxidants are not destroyed.

We always use Organic or Wild crafted ingredients. We never use weak cacao “filler” beans to boost cacao percentage.

We make our special chocolate over several days, the old fashioned way by slow stone grinding at low temperature. The Arriba Nacional cacao beans we use are purchased from the farmers at above fair trade standards and is also certified fair trade through

We believe chocolate is a Sacred Food, and should be treated as such. We pray over and put positive thoughts into every small batch of chocolate we make. We believe this elevates the energy of the chocolate. This translates into customer experiences of elevated mood, consciousness, and physical wellbeing.  Every bar of Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with love and gratitude.  We honor, respect and give thanks to all beings that make possible this amazing food.  Our Love and positive intention raises the vibration of Sacred Chocolate.  To understand exactly how we put love into chocolate, hear former rocket scientist, "Sacred Steve" Adler explain how. 


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Sacred Chocolate® is organic vegan stone ground raw chocolate.  We use a special low temperature stone grinding process that really brings out the terrior of our beans.  We also use healthy alternative sweeteners such as Maple Sugar, Inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke, and Erythritol.  All our chocolate is hand poured and hand wrapped in a small custom designed, carbon balanced factory in Marin County, California.