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Why Raw Unroasted Chocolate: Living Foods!

In the special case of chocolate, which is so extremely high in heat sensitive antioxidants and other nutrients such as PEA, roasting the chocolate or processing it at high temperatures destroys or modifies much of the natural nutrient value.

Sacred Cacao Bean Skins / Husks
Sacred ChocolateŽ is the only chocolate maker in the world that includes the nutritionally valuable SKINS/husks of the cacao bean in its chocolate.
If you have heard the complete nonsense regarding insect or animal filth in chocolate, please read this article!

Urban Myth: A story, generally untrue but sometimes one that is merely exaggerated or sensationalized, that gains the status of folklore by continual retelling. Example: ALL chocolate contains insect and rodent [hair]. In the latest issue of Healing our World (Volume 30, Issue 3), John Kohler wrote "All chocolate is notorious for containing foreign matter such as rodent [hair] and insect parts." Repetition of this myth by speakers and writers such as Paul Nison has created a belief that this is fact.

Sacred Chocolate - Very Special Raw Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® is the future of chocolate. Our goal is to create the greatest chocolate bar and chocolate products in the world. We are the first chocolate manufacturer in human history to create a raw (low-temperature processed), organic, chocolate bar.

Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® is organic vegan stone ground raw chocolate.  We use a special low temperature stone grinding process that really brings out the terrior of our beans.  We also use healthy alternative sweeteners such as Maple Sugar, Inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke, and Erythritol.  All our chocolate is hand poured and hand wrapped in a small custom designed, carbon balanced factory in Marin County, California.

Eight Little Known Facts About Chocolate!
Chocolate is actually a nut! All chocolate is made from the large seed (nut) of the cacao fruit. This nut is called the cacao bean or cocoa bean.
Sacred Chocolate Cacao Beans & Nibs
Are the main ingredient of all chocolate. You cannot have chocolate without cacao. Cacao is the nut all chocolate is made from!
Fake chocolate vs. real heirloom cacao

I love what Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger”, of stands for and does in the world. Mike recently posted an article about heirloom cacao varieties "Original cacao is ancient treasure of chocolate from the Ecuadorian rainforest" (INSERT LINK: [updated since this discussion] which inspired Sacred Steve to write to mike regarding the definition of heirloom

Chocolate is a SuperFood
Raw Cacao or Chocolate is the latest Raw Super Food available on the market today.You might be hearing more and more in the media these days about the health and healing benefits of  chocolate.
What it means to be a Chocolatier.
What it actually means to be a true Chocolatier is to be a lover of all. A person here to save the planet, heal the planet, and enjoy the massive abundance on the planet – sharing with all.
Raw Chocolate
Why does chocolate makes us feel good? RAW Chocolate contains more than 300 known Phytochemicals including PEA, Anandamide & Tryptophan, natural anti-depressants, serotonin builders, and stress defense shield boosters. Other ingredients seem to act by affecting the brain’s own neurotransmitter network.