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"Sacred Steve" Adler Discusses What Makes Something Alive.
At a conference at Unity in Marin, Sacred Steve discusses what makes something alive from both a spiritual and scientific perspective.
Update on the Raw Chocolate Movement by David "Avocado" Wolfe

10 years after David "Avocado" Wolfe founded the Raw Chocolate Movement, he gives an update on its status and where it is headed.

Sacred Steve at Wesak, Mount Shasta, May 13th-15th 2011
WESAK 2011 takes place in sacred Mount Shasta, California, on land that was once part of ancient Lemuria – survivor of the last great upheaval. Ascended Masters travel through this mountain on a regular basis. St. Germain himself trod its holy ground dispersing his master teachings.
Eurocrats Ban Mesquite Superfood
I am writing this as I URGENTLY need your help. UK Trading Standards Institute and UK Food Standards Agency have declared that mesquite is a novel food. (This is according to the Novel Foods Act 1997, whereby any food not proven to be traded or consumed in Europe before May 1997 is not allowed to be sold in the UK or Europe). The UK governing body Trading Standards Institute only allowed us a couple of months to attempt to find evidence that it’s not a novel food, and we haven’t managed so far. They have now given us a “cease trading mesquite” letter.
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Sacred Chocolate Truth Truffles Contest
Does chocolate reduce blood pressure? A meta-analysis

Dark chocolate and flavanol-rich cocoa products have attracted interest as an alternative treatment option for hypertension, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Previous meta-analyses concluded that cocoa-rich foods may reduce blood pressure. Recently, several additional trials have been conducted with conflicting results. Our study summarises current evidence on the effect of flavanol-rich cocoa products on blood pressure in hypertensive and normotensive individuals.

Researchers find that it IS possible to get sick of chocolate?

So if your doctor prescribed a daily dose of dark chocolate to keep hypertension at bay, would your first instinct be to head straight to Costco and buy a case of candy bars? Those who answered "yes" might get stuck with leftovers, Australian researchers are warning this week in the British Medical Journall

Eating Your Way to Happiness: Chocolate, Brain Metabolism, and Mood
Chocolate has always been considered unique among foods. From its historical use as a sacred substance up to its prominence today as the food of romance, celebration, and indulgence, it has always held a special place in society. We do not classify chocolate as part of any of the four basic plant groups of food (whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and legumes).