1 Sacred Sample Pack
Sample Pack consisting of 1.7 gram Mini Hearts

1 Sacred Sample Pack

An eco-friendly bag containing a 1.7 gram bite-sized mini heart (or small piece) of each of Sacred Chocolate's flavors: Mylk, White Passion, Gotcha Matcha, 69% Twilight, 83% Midnight, India Sunset, Mint, 100% Heart of Cacao, Coco Nibby, Mocha, Holy Hemp, Zero Pointe Mint (Diabetic Friendly), Sun Sweet (Diabetic Friendly), Goji Nibby, Immuno Mushroom, Amazonian, Holy Cacao, Gold Ormus, Longevity Bliss, Noniland, TuMo and Reverse.

Price: $10.99
Product Weight Approximately 1.2 oz

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  • Author: moshe boas berg
    Can you ship my order-sacred sample pack to israel and what will be the shipping-price. for health reasons, I need sugar-free chocolade, at least 85% cacao