David Wolfe's Raw Chocolate

David Wolfe's Raw Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® was the first company in history to bring to market a finely tempered raw chocolate bar.  We also have pioneered the inclusion of the highly nutritious skin/husk of the cacao bean (actually a nut) in Sacred Chocolate.  Our unique stone-grinding process allows this.  We have also pioneered the use of maple as a sweetener along with other healthy sweeteners such as inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke), erythritol, coconut sugar, lo han guo, and stevia.  Our raw chocolate is hand poured and hand wrapped and is made from bean to bar with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration" in a small custom designed, certified organic, certified vegan, certified kosher, carbon-balanced factory in Marin County, California that is powered completely by 100% renewable energy!

Founded in 2006, by raw chocolate pioneer and author, David Wolfe, and raw food enthusiast, entreprenuer, and minister, "Sacred" Steve Adler, Sacred Chocolate has won the "BEST OF RAW" award for best raw chocolate bar three years in a row (2008, 2009, 2010).  

Why raw?  Well, because after extensive lab tests, we have shown that our chocolate has DOUBLE the antioxidants when compared to roasted or cooked chocolate.

Sacred Chocolate is the future of chocolate!  Be sure to try our famous Dairy-FREE "MYLK" bar, which is a dark chocolate bar that tastes just like milk chocolate!  

Or, if you are daring enough, try our cult classic, the "AMAZONIAN", with over 20 different Amazonian rainforest herbs in it.  This bar uses as its main ingredient only the WHOLE cacao bean (not nibs) including the highly nutritional SKIN of the raw cacao bean itself in order to supercharge the raw chocolate with incredible phytonutrients and minerals.  To the best of our knowledge, this is the only truly whole cacao bean bar currently available on the market.  

Our most mystical creation is our "GOLD ORMUS" bar which includes pure ormus gold!

If you are overcoming diabetes, we make a special ZERO GLYCEMIC raw chocolate bar called "ZERO POINTE MINT".  Also, our VERY LOW GLYCEMIC raw chocolate bar is called "SUN SWEET" which only uses the sweet fiber known as inulin as its sweetener.

All of our raw chocolate bars are soy, dairy, GMO, gluten and cane sugar FREE.  In addition to this, our cacao is sourced from Central and South America at or above fair trade standards.  :)

We hope you enjoy eating our very special raw chocolate as much as we enjoy creating it, if that is even possible! :)

From our Hearts to Yours,

David "Lord Cacao" Wolfe, "Sacred" Steve Adler, and all the Oompa Loompas at Sacred Chocolate

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