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"Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: there is something in chocolate that is really good for us. That something is the raw cacao bean, the nut that all chocolate is made from. The cacao bean has always been and will always be Nature's #1 weight loss and high-energy food. Cacao beans are probably the best kept secret in the entire history of food." — David Wolfe, co-author of Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About The World's Greatest Food. Browse the world's most comprehensive Cacao/ Chocolate research library in the world:

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Why is chocolate good for your brain?
Studies suggest a diet rich in flavonoids, compounds in fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea and chocolate, could reduce the decline in mental function associated with age.
Cacao & Good Teeth
Research from oral biosciences in Japan demonstrates the external use of whole cacao for superior dental health. "Fractions containing mainly cocoa polyphenols showed antibacterial effects. After treatment with polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, an absorbent of polyphenols, the methanol-extractable fraction lost its effect. These results suggest that cocoa has significant antibacterial effects against periodontal pathogenic bacteria and that polyphenols are responsible."
Introduction to Ormus Gold

Re-birthed in recent years by the scientific research and efforts of David Hudson, and confirmed by nuclear labs, General Electric Company, Phelps Dodge International Corp., and others, ormus (or, more specifically, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements--O.R.M.E.S.) has been linked to ancient alchemy, the philosopher's stone, the manna mentioned in the bible, the ark of the covenant, the Egyptian pyramids, and several other "lost" esoteric scientific art forms of the east and west.

Antioxidants in Cocoa Powder
Antioxidants in foods have gained much attention in recent years and cocoa powders tend to have relatively high amounts. As cocoa makes its way from fresh beans to finished products like cocoa powder and chocolate, the concentration of antioxidant compounds can be affected by a variety of biological and processing conditions.
Maple Syrup May Help Treat Diabetes
Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have found beneficial compounds in maple syrup that inhibit two carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes that are relevant to type 2 diabetes.
Cacao seeds are a "Super Fruit": A comparative analysis of various fruit powders and products
Cacao seeds provide nutritive values of ORAC, TP, & TF beyond that derived from their macronutrient composition and appear to meet the popular media's definition of a "Super Fruit" in this study comparing various fruits of high nutritive value.
The Chocolate Diet?

A new study shows that people who eat chocolate frequently have lower body mass indexes than those who eat it less often. The researchers could not explain precisely why something usually loaded with sugar, fat and calories would have a beneficial effect on weight. But they suspect that antioxidants and other compounds in chocolate may deliver a metabolic boost that can offset its caloric downside.

High-Cocoa Polyphenol-Rich Chocolate Improves HDL Cholesterol in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Scientific study examined the HDL Cholesterol benefits in Type 2 Diabetes using high-cocoa polyphenol-rich (dark chocolate) concluded that dark chocolate is effective in improving HDL cholesterol without affecting weight, inflammatory markers, insulin resistance or glycaemic control. A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study from the Michael White Diabetes Centre, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, UK.

Benefits & Scientific Secrets of Raw & Organic Chocolate and Cannabis -> Holy Hemp

How does raw & organic chocolate increase the beneficial effects of CBD found in the Sacred Cannabis Plant, therein increasing your overall well-being?  As the organic raw chocolate pioneer, read how Sacred Chocolate's HOLY HEMP, does just that.

Anandamide in Raw Cacao & Raw Chocolate
David Wolfe explains the importance of the bliss chemical, anandamide, found in raw cacao and raw chocolate.
Epicatechin Content Chocolate Beans
Natural antioxidant has received more attention to be part of daily diet. Cocoa beans is one of the main sources of polyphenols especially epicatechin. Epicatechin content in cocoa beans could be responsible for the antioxidant capacity.
Valentine's Day: A Rocket Scientist on Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate
Valentine's Day: A Rocket Scientist on Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate
Cocoa and Cardiovascular Health
Epidemiological data demonstrate that regular dietary intake of plant-derived foods and beverages reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Among many ingredients, cocoa might be an important mediator. Indeed, recent research demonstrates a beneficial effect of cocoa on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and vascular and platelet function. Although still debated, a range of potential mechanisms through which cocoa might exert its benefits on cardiovascular health have been proposed, including activation of nitric oxide and antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects. This review summarizes the available data on the cardiovascular effects of cocoa, outlines potential mechanisms involved in the response to cocoa, and highlights the potential clinical implications associated with its consumption.
Researchers Uncover A Potential New Benefit of Pure Maple Syrup on Liver Health
Researchers at the University of Tokyo Uncover A Potential New Benefit of Pure Maple Syrup on Liver Health.
David Wolfe's TED Talk on Raw Chocolate
David Wolfe talks about his passion for Raw Chocolate at TED
Cocoa could prevent intestinal pathologies such as colon cancer
Headed by scientists from the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) and recently published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research journal, the new study supports this idea and upholds that cacao consumption helps to prevent intestinal complaints linked to oxidative stress, such as the onset of chemically induced colon carcinogenesis.
Antioxidants & ORAC Explanation and Comparisons
Some people might be skeptical about our claim that Sacred Chocolate is TWICE as high in antioxidant content as compared to a cooked, roasted, or otherwise high temperature processed chocolate bar at the same cacao content.  As a result, here is an analysis showing how we derive our claim.
Chemical Constituents in RAW CACAO
The Raw Cacao bean is one of nature's most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique properties. Since many of the special properties of cacao are destroyed by cooking, refining and processing, planet Earth' s favorite food is still unknown to most of us. Now we get to reconnect with the power of real chocolate.

Changes in brain activity related to eating chocolate: from pleasure to aversion.
Changes in brain activity related to eating chocolate: from pleasure to aversion.
Chocolate - A Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
An industry-funded randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial study suggests chocolate may improve symptoms for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating condition currently affecting as many as 7 million Americans.