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"Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: there is something in chocolate that is really good for us. That something is the raw cacao bean, the nut that all chocolate is made from. The cacao bean has always been and will always be Nature's #1 weight loss and high-energy food. Cacao beans are probably the best kept secret in the entire history of food." — David Wolfe, co-author of Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About The World's Greatest Food. Browse the world's most comprehensive Cacao/ Chocolate research library in the world:

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Valentine's Day: A Rocket Scientist on Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate
Valentine's Day: A Rocket Scientist on Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate
Maple Syrup May Help Treat Diabetes
Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have found beneficial compounds in maple syrup that inhibit two carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes that are relevant to type 2 diabetes.
Raw Food Guru Gets Real at Maddy's Market
Author and nutritional advisor David Wolfe speaks before 200 people about the role of eating unprocessed and organic food play in improving life longevity. By Reza Gostar, Originally Posted at Calabasas Patch January 10th 2010. Maddy’s Market resembled more of an auditorium than a grocery on Wednesday when visiting author David Wolfe gave an almost three-hour lecture on the benefits of eating raw and nutrient rich foods.
Sacred Chocolate Party
Sacred Chocolate Party
David Wolfe's TED Talk on Raw Chocolate
David Wolfe talks about his passion for Raw Chocolate at TED
Nutritional Breakdown
Read the scientific research on the nutritional breakdown of Theobroma Cacao / Chocolate.
Chocolate - A Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
An industry-funded randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial study suggests chocolate may improve symptoms for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating condition currently affecting as many as 7 million Americans.
Benefits & Scientific Secrets of Raw & Organic Chocolate and Cannabis -> Holy Hemp

How does raw & organic chocolate increase the beneficial effects of CBD found in the Sacred Cannabis Plant, therein increasing your overall well-being?  As the organic raw chocolate pioneer, read how Sacred Chocolate's HOLY HEMP, does just that.

Oxalic Acid
Cacao contains somewhere between 1,520 and 5,000 parts per million (ppm) oxalic acid. Is this harmful? When considering more common foods that are much higher in oxalic acid such as spinach, the answer is clearly no. Also keep in mind that once oxalic acid is cooked it binds with calcium in the body and settles in the kidneys. Another reason to eat raw chocolate.

Antioxidants & ORAC Explanation and Comparisons
Some people might be skeptical about our claim that Sacred Chocolate is TWICE as high in antioxidant content as compared to a cooked, roasted, or otherwise high temperature processed chocolate bar at the same cacao content.  As a result, here is an analysis showing how we derive our claim.
Chocolate Garden Noniland Hawaii

David Wolfe takes us on a magical journey through the secret tropical garden that is the NoniLand Hawaiian Agricultural Research Center and Bee Sanctuary in Hawaii. In these videos you will experience the love of the Sacred Cacao bean as David and the noni land cacao trees open up their hearts for all the world to see.

Cancer Prevention Properties of Chocolate and Cocoa
Summary: Cocoa was originally cultivated by ancient societies in Central and South America, where it was consumed as a fermented beverage for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Cocoa and chocolate, its fermented byproduct, are rich in flavanols—potent antioxidants associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Two types of flavanols, called catechins and procyanidins, have been shown in experimental studies to reduce markers of inflammation and angiogenesis, two processes closely linked to cancer development. While more study is required, cocoa and chocolate have significant potential for chemoprevention as a dietary supplement.
Cacao seeds are a "Super Fruit": A comparative analysis of various fruit powders and products
Cacao seeds provide nutritive values of ORAC, TP, & TF beyond that derived from their macronutrient composition and appear to meet the popular media's definition of a "Super Fruit" in this study comparing various fruits of high nutritive value.
Chocolate Reverses Calcification: Longevity Superfood
While a diet rich in anti-oxidant has been favorably associated with coronary disease and hypertension, limited data have evaluated the influence of such diet on subclinical disease. Thus, we sought to examine whether chocolate consumption is associated with calcified atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries (CAC).
Introduction to Ormus Gold

Re-birthed in recent years by the scientific research and efforts of David Hudson, and confirmed by nuclear labs, General Electric Company, Phelps Dodge International Corp., and others, ormus (or, more specifically, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements--O.R.M.E.S.) has been linked to ancient alchemy, the philosopher's stone, the manna mentioned in the bible, the ark of the covenant, the Egyptian pyramids, and several other "lost" esoteric scientific art forms of the east and west.

Cocoa could prevent intestinal pathologies such as colon cancer
Headed by scientists from the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) and recently published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research journal, the new study supports this idea and upholds that cacao consumption helps to prevent intestinal complaints linked to oxidative stress, such as the onset of chemically induced colon carcinogenesis.
There has long been an association with chocolate and the health of teeth. The consumption of cacao with the skins/husks included seems to decrease cavities. Research has shown that the tannins in the cacao bean and its associated skin/husk prevent tooth decay.
Theobromine & Caffeine
Does cacao contain caffeine? Contrary to popular opinion, cacao is a poor source of caffeine. A typical sample of cacao nibs or beans will yield anywhere from zero caffeine to 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of caffeine (less than 1/20th of the caffeine present in conventional coffee).

Learn about Theobroma Cacao / Chocolate's stress lowering characteristics.
History, Culture & Archeology
The medicinal use of cacao, or chocolate, both as a primary remedy and as a vehicle to deliver other medicines, originated in the New World and diffused to Europe in the mid 1500s.