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The Medicinal Mushrooms of Immuno Mushroom Sacred Chocolate Heart Bar

Thanksgiving time in America is when the flu season is in full swing and the mushroom hunting season is coming to an end. Connecting the dots together, we find that perhaps the best class of superherbs to nourish our immune system during this time of year is the medicinal mushrooms.

Historically, in Central and South America, mushrooms and their brews were mixed with cacao beans (chocolate) in drinks. In fact, the Aztecs iconically represented the mushroom-chocolate admixture as a circle with a dot in its center — the same image used by European alchemists to represent the Sun and the metal gold.Aztec Cacao Mushroom Admixture Symbol

Sacred Chocolate’s Immuno Mushroom bar was developed based on this ancient strategy of mixing chocolate and mushrooms. The medicinal mushrooms in the Immuno Mushroom bar include: wild chaga, turkey tail, reishi, maitake, shiitake, cordyceps, himematsutake (agaricus), mesima (phellinus), oyster, and lion’s mane. Immuno mushroom captures those deep, dark medicinal flavor notes yet possesses that familiar raw creaminess associated with Sacred Chocolate.

Sacred Chocolate Immuno Mushroom Heart BarI recommend having some Immuno Mushroom ready to go when the weather changes and when friends and family are under the weather.

Mushrooms have long been associated with nearby enchanted, magical realms. Adding the super-mushroom chaga to your diet makes it easier to feel the enchantment of living.

Reishi -  the ‘Spirit Mushroom’ (Ganoderma lucidum tsugae). Found this one and a few others in the boreal forest two days ago. I am drying them now; they'll be used for tea during the winter. Beta-glucans (a medicinal immunological polysaccharide) imparts much of the red and purple color. Reishi mushroom is the most well-studied herb in the history of the world. I consider Reishi the Queen of the Mushrooms (just as Chaga is King). This polypore mushroom nourishes: shen (aura), immunity, the brain and nervous system, the blood and cardiovascular system, the kidneys, the liver, and much more. Reishi is a pre-eminent Longevity substance.Reishi Mushroom

Did you know that wild chaga is known to contain the following nutrients

and natural medicines (an excerpt from my book "Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms):

Water-soluble polysaccharides

Alcohol-soluble polysaccharides

Protein-bound polysaccharides

Beta glucans (polysaccharide)

Lanostane triterpenoids

Betulin and betulinic acid

Ergosterol peroxides

Lanosterols (trametenolic acid)

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)


Saponins (triterpenoid type)


Trace minerals: antimony, barium, bismuth, boron, germanium, copper, manganese, strontium, zinc

Major minerals: calcium, cesium, iron, magnesium,

phosphorus, potassium, rubidium, silicon

Vitamins B2, B3, D2, K1

Dietary fiber

Chaga MushroomSacred Chocolate's Immuno Mushroom includes a multitude of medicinal mushrooms. This chocolate has a woody and earthy flavor.  It is certified organic and vegan and has a 68% cacao content.


--Lord Cacao AKA David "Avocado" Wolfe

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