Sacred Chocolate... Unroasted, Stone-Ground, Organic & Vegan*...

... is sweetened with maple, inulin or erythritol...

...uses ethically traded Arriba Nacional whole bean cacao from Ecuador... hand made with love...

*Only our Holy CaCow is not vegan.

Recent Entries
David "Avocado" Wolfe on The ORMUS Elements
David Wolfe talks about how ORMUS (O.R.M.E.'s) was rediscovered in modern times.
David "Avocado" Wolfe and Cacao Beans he grew himself at Noniland
David "Avocado" Wolfe talks about his Mexican and Honduran genetic cacao beans he grew himself on his farm in Kauai called Noniland. He also gives a tour of the Sacred Chocolate Factory with Sacred Steve.
Sacred Heart Chocolate
Join me in a casual conversation with my friend, Steven Adler. He is co-founder of Sacred Chocolate. In this episode, he shares some perspectives and philosophies from his personal and professional life, along with lifestyle insights that he's integrated so far. The subjects range through the full spectrum of health for our bodies, minds, and souls. -- DAVID WHIPPLE
Hybridized Cacao is Causing Deforestation
Sadly, hybridized cacao is causing deforestation around the world. It is extremely important to check that the cacao source of any chocolate you consume is heirloom and shade grown in a natural jungle environment. Only by voting with your purchasing power, can real change happen!
Sacred Chocolate makes the most delicious and nutritious stone ground organic coconut butter on the planet!