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The Medicinal Use of Chocolate in Early North America
Chocolate is a unique food in that many of its perceived properties are opposites within the humoral classification system. The tannins inherent in chocolate are astringent. At the same time, chocolate melts at body temperature and offers a smooth sensory property in the mouth.
Heart Healthy Flavanols
Improvement of Endothelial Function with Dietary Flavanols is Associated with Mobilization of Circulating Angiogenic Cells in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease.
Cacao to Cocoa to Chocolate: Healthy Food?
Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans - the fruit of the cacao tree or Theobroma cacao (the latin term: food of the gods). Recent published articles demonstrate that the quality and quantity of the antioxidants in cocoa and chocolate are very high and their flavonoids are believed to reduce the number of free radicals in the body that contribute to medical problems, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer and also to offer some anti-aging health benefits.
Cacao an Anti-Inflammatory
Chronic inflammation has been associated with many diseases, so the fact that the world's favorite food offers anti-inflammatory properties is rather exciting. Like with any whole food the less processed the more phytonutrients, so when eating whole cacao products such as those stone ground by Sacred Chocolate we are getting an abundance of these heart healthy, anti inflammatory flavanols, combine that with the other medicinals found in chocolates like the Amazonian and Immuno Mushroom and we see the gift of Sacred Chocolate.
Cocoa Improves Brain Function
Research shows that flavanol rich chocolate enhances blood flow to the brain. Flavanols are abundant in raw whole unprocessed chocolate. We can conclide that by stone grinding chocolate (like Sacred Chocolate) these flavnols become even more bio-available
Centuries of seeking chocolate's medicinal benefits!
In 1753, the noted nosologist Carl Linnaeus named it Theobroma cacao—“food of the gods”. Indeed, few natural products have been purported to effectively treat such a wide variety of disorders as has chocolate. Chocolate's medicinal benefits are traceable as far back as Aztec medical practice.
Get Naked with...
When it comes to choosing your favorite chocolate bars for the maximal health benefits there are many choices. The most effective studies on chocolate are all related to simple rich dark chocolate.